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Pictures: Kapas Biru Waterfall

Kapas Biru Waterfall seen from a far after about 30 minutes trekking from the parking area.
There are some vegetations grow at the waterfall area, such as bamboo, ferns and other plants like caladium and various grass.
The waterfall is massive and the shape resembles a horsetail. We can hear the beautiful roar of the water, the mist flying and the cold breeze.
And this waterfall is a great place to take picture. Definitely recommended place to visit in Indonesia.

What to do in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara

I personally interested in nature and culture that when visit a new place i will see the unique nature and maybe meet the locals. And this is what i did while i was visiting Bima:

This museum was once sultan palace and since 1989 functioned as museum. In the museum we can see various artifacts and informations of Mbojo. There is a room which was once used as the chamber of President Soekarno when He visited Bima. 

There some old mosques in Bima and one of the oldest is Kalodu Mosque. It has been renovated in the 2000s and the view from this mosque area is magnificent. 

In this village we can see women working on the loom making Bima traditional textile. The pattern of the woven is geometric triangle, square and the base textile color is black. You can also purchase the woven to bring back home. 

The view from this cemetery is beautiful, as it is located about 60 meters above the sea level, on a hill called Danataraha. There are 15 old tombs in the area. And one of them is the tomb of Sultan of Bima died in the 1640. 

UMA LENNGE , Traditional Village
This village is located a little bit far from Bima city about 30 minutes drive. the village still preserves traditional architecture of the barn house.  The house was designed that the mouse can not climb the wooden pillar. 

This place opens morning to 10 PM. We can enjoy local menus, and especially seafood. The place is located nearby the sea that we can enjoy conversation with friends and also feel the sea breeze. 

PICTURES: Lake Satonda and Mt Tambora

Spring on the foot of Mt Tambora which is located on the beach. You will be passing this spring water on the way from Bima to Mt Tambora.
Mt Tambora Basecamp
Labuan Barat Beach, where visitors can rent boat to sail to Satonda Island
Lake Satonda is located about 30 minutes sailing by boat from Labuan Barat Beach, located in the middle of Satonda Island. You can visit this salty lake after climbing Mt Tambora.
Tree of hope on the banks of Lake Satonda where visitors hang rocks and pray for their hopes come true.

Pictures: Waterfalls of Tawangmangu Area

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall: This waterfall is the biggest and the most popular waterfall in Tawangangu. There are two options to access the waterfall, short easy path and the little harder through hundreds of steps.
Traveler pose with Grojogan Sewu Waterfall.
Jumog Waterfall: this small twin waterfall is another option where you can also enjoy inexpensive local food. It just takes few minutes walk from the parking area.
Parang Ijo Waterfall: more quiet waterfall , smaller yet you will enjoy the farm enroute to the waterfall. The location is nearby the old temple.
Farmers are planting vegetable en-route Parang Ijo Waterfall soft trek.
View of Tawangmangu Area, sunset time was such an amazing time here.
Farms and houses at Tawangmangu. You can also enjoy this kind of view by having light bite at some restaurants nearby the streets.

PICTURES: Sukuh Temple and Cetha Temple, shrines on quiet mountain.

Sukuh Temple: The front side of the temple is a gate-like building with the shape resembles a pyramid.
Sukuh Temple: Beautiful relief on the other side of the temple, a creature with wings.
Sukuh Temple: In inner building which is still intact with some big statues such as turtle and garudeya.
Cetha Temple: The erotic relief at Cetha Temple
Cetha Temple: The Gate of Cetha Temple, where we can take a picture with stunning backdrop, without long queu

(PICTURES) Watu Purbo Waterfall : A Hidden Beauty in Yogyakarta

A local friend asked me to go together to a new place known by locals only. I did not expect to see this relaxing and rejuvenating place nearby. But viola, it is an amazing place to go during weekend. And if you visit Borobudur Temple you can also stop by at this place.

This waterfall is called Watu Purbo Waterfall, which is a man made waterfall, it is a cascades consists of 6 blocks waterfall. The name derives from the big rocks (watu in Javanese) that were already there since very long time (purbo : in Javanese). It was originally built in 1975 for cold lava of Mt Merapi to flow over .

It takes about 10-15 minutes walk descend to reach the best spot to view the falls. It is suitable for family destination. The best time to visit is during rainy season, when the waterfalls look best , yet must avoid during very heavy rain.

Tawangmangu: Place to Unwind

Just about 1 hour drive from Solo or three hours drive from Yogyakarta, you can do getaway to this country nestles on slope of Mt Lawu which soars more than 3000 meters high. There are some decent hotels in this area as well, that it is suitable for family weekend getaway.

There are some waterfalls that we can visit and those located not very far from hotels. The most popular waterfall is Grojogan Sewu Waterfall which is the biggest waterfall here. This can be accessed through stepping hundreds of stairs. And actually there is another entrance to this waterfall that you can reach without stairs, which is suitable if you travel with kids or elders. There are other waterfalls nearby: Jumog Waterfall and Parang Ijo, both can be accessed easily from the parking area.

If you love history and old sites, visiting Sukuh Temple is a must. Sukuh is unique temple which has interesting architecture, and beautiful reliefs. The shape of the temple resembles Mayan temple and there are erotic carving. This temple was approximately to be built in the 15th Century. And the other temple located few km apart is Cetha Temple, a 13 terraces temple also built in the end of Majapahit Kingdom, in the 15th Century, and located on high elevation that you can see the view of Karanganyar from here.

If you love climbing mountain, you can go the base camp of Mt Lawu to reach the summit.

The 74th Java Sea Battle Commemoration on February 27th 2016 by V.O.N.

Mr Cees Huig and Inna Huig honors Marines Jan Huig
Cees Huig and Inna Huig scatter flower for Marine Jan Huig

Flower wreath ceremony above seamen grave fr all marines passed away on 27 February 1942
Flower wreath ceremony above seamen grave for all marines passed away on 27 February 1942

Last Saturday February 27th 2016, was the 5th Java Sea Battle commemoration on the sea location. Though the weather was rough, the three meters tide did not back down the event. It was undertaken on Natuna Express, led by Captain Iwan, depart from Gresik Port, transit in Sangkapura Harbor of Bawean Island for few minutes and then sailed to the sea location.

On the way to Bawean island, Natuna Express stopped by for 1 minute at Boei 1, to scatter flower for Marine Giovanni Hakkenberg.

The commemoration is initiated by V.O.N. (Vereniging van Overlevenden & Nabestaanden van “De Slag in de Java Zee-1942 c.a). The group departed from Gresik Port, crossed to Sangkapura Port and then proceeded to the sea location. Joop Nahuijsen as the founder and chairman of VON opened and led the commemoration. And then it was followed by flower wreath ceremony above seamen grave to honor all marines passed away on the February 27th 1942. One minute silence and “The Last Post” ended the sea ceremony, and then all attendees scattered flower to the ocean.

Cees Huig and Inna Huig attended this ceremony to honor Cees Huig’s father, Marine Jan Huig, a sergeant torpedo-maker of Submarine Hr. Ms. “O 16”, who passed away at South China Sea on December 15th 1941. Other flower wreath dedicated by the family were for: Marine Cor Boers dedicated by his brother Hans Boers, Marine Jacob Bol by his son Henk Bol and Marine Antonie Nahuijsen by his son Joop Nahuijsen and granddaughter Merel. Some enthusiast joining the ceremony were from Sangkapura District of Bawean Island: Mr. Wardhi who represented Sangkapura District Office , Bripta Budiono and Brigadir Deky from POLRI (Police of Indonesia) and Velda Suhariyanto and Sertu Usman from TNI.

After the ceremony Natuna Express returned to Sangkapura Port and then the group took Gili Iyang Ferry from Sangkapura (21.00) to cross to Paciran (06.00). Before leaving Bawean, the group was invited to have dinner at Mr. Iwan’s house, where they felt the incredible hospitality and mingle with the locals, including the Sangkapura Camat and Kapolsek.

The last agenda was visiting Ereveld Kembang Kuning, to lay wreath at Karel Doorman Monument, on the 28th February, after arrival from Bawean,