WASTRA (Traditional Textile) from BALI

Tenun Cagcag is weaved using traditional loom and in some areas like in Jembrana, yarns are dyed using natural colors. Plain fabric can be finished 7-10 days while for songket weaving can finish 4 weeks. Other areas that still has cag cag weaving makers are in : Banjar Jentiyis-Sukawati, Banjar Waliang-Karangasem, Jembrana, Pupuan-Tabanan.

Tenun Rangrang can be found in Seraya Timur and Nusa Penida area. The typical of rangrang weaving is geometric zigzag design with vibrant colors inspired by hills and mountains. Rangrang derived from Balinese which means “have holes” or “transparent” as the fabric is slightly transparent which symbolizes Balinese that are open and straightforward. Rangrang woman now is made using manual loom price ranges from 100,000 till 1,200,000 depends on the fabric size.

Tenun Endek is Bali official traditional textile. Endek derives from Bali language, gendekan or ngendek which mean does not change color. There are some endek women available in market from sarong, long fabric and also scarf. Endek is rich of motifs, some motifs are used for traditional ritual and some motifs may only be worn by kings and royals. Floral motifs and animal motifs usually can be worn daily. Manual looms are used to create endek weavings and can be found in Karangasem, Klungkung, Buleleng and Jembrana Regency. Endek beauty has captured the attention of Dior to use this unique fabric to design their collections.

Gringsing is women fabric uses double ikat technique and to make one piece of gringsing can take until 1 year. We can find this only in Tenganan Pegringsingan village.

Poleng is woven fabric worn by Kecak dancers as costume. Poleng design is square of white and black as symbol of two contradictive characters: Rwa and Bhineda. Poleng also used to cover big trees, statues to mark that there is a spirit/ butha that protect the area.