Waterfall Odyssey in Sumba Island

Matayangu Waterfall
The Blue Waterfall or Matayangu Waterfall is situated in Manupeu Tanadaru National Park. It is a piece of paradise situated in the middle of forest, that can be reached by trekking for 2 km through relatively steep trail. And you will enjoy the walk, through the jungle which is overgrown with trees of Wulumanu, Manera, Aikaka, Waiwai, Kapulut, Quru and Delu. Matayangu is indeed a secret waterfall.
The waterfall cascades through rock and then stream into a turquoise natural pool that invites you to rejuvenate. And actually, there are Matayangu waterfalls. The first waterfall is 75 meters high waterfall which streams from river in cave. While the second is 130 meters high waterfall and it water source is from river and this waterfall only streams in wet season that make the best time to visit is during the wet season from March-June and October-December.

Lapopu Waterfall
This waterfall is also located in Manupeu Tanadaru National Park and Mata Lawa National Park, it is a tiered waterfall slides through rock surface and creates segmented-fan cascade which ends to a tosca water pool. Entering the Hatikuloku Village located in the proximity of the waterfall, high emerald trees welcome the travellers. Only by walking 15 minutes you can reach the waterfall, not difficult. There are bamboo bridge built for visitors along the river. Just be prepared with your wet suite and water friendly footwear.

Tanggedu Waterfall
Named after the village where it is located, Tanggedu Waterfall is another oasis in Sumba. It is located in a canyon with beautiful rock formation. This multi-step waterfall is best visited during the dry season when the water is clear turquoise. Be prepare with stamina as to reach the waterfall takes walking through villages, savannah, and creek for about 2.5 km.

Wai Marang Waterfall
Even though it is not high or powerful, Wai Marang Waterfall is a place to regain energy. Only 1 km walk to reach the waterfall and enjoy the pool surrounded by cliff. Visitors can jump and swim at the green tosca pool and enjoy sipping coconut water sold by locals. The waterfall was discovered by a boy named Erik when he was hunting pig, but found a waterfall instead.

Air Terjun Kolam Jodoh Lewa
The locals call this waterfall Pandjilu Watu which means water crock / water jar. The waterfall is multistep waterfall with one big natural pool surrounded by green vegetation that reminds you of a fairy tales. The tosca water pool water under shades is so inviting to jump in. There are skulls-like flowers can be found in this waterfall location.