Sebangau National Park: A Pristine Peat Swamp Forest, Kalimantan , Indonesia

Sebangau National Park is one of National Parks in Kalimantan Island, administratively, the National Park is located in Katingan, Pulau Pisang and Palangkaraya region. It was officially appointed as National Park in 2004.

The National park is located in the midst of peat swamp forest and it becomes one of the main attraction of the National Park. The National Park has pristine nature. Bukit Batu is one of place you can visit, and this view point overlooking at Sebangau National Park for vast wide jungle landscape. At Bukit Bulan (Moon Hill), travelers can hike to the peal to see swamp forest and granite rocks at the foot of the hill.

Sebangau National Park is where rivers stream and as well where crystal clear fresh water lakes can be found. The locals call the lakes as Lake Bulat, Lake Panjang and Lake Panggualas. Those lakes are rich of fresh water life. The rivers streams through the National Park : Sebangau River and Katingan River, Kahyangan River and Koran River that is knows as black river.

Main attraction at Sebangau National ParK :

RESORT MANGKOK : Is located at Pulau Pisang area, and its main attraction is peat swamp rehabilitation by building canal blocking. The canal blocking was built to wet the region during dry season. Visitors can do birding or as well wildlife observation in the resort.

PANGGUALAS is located in Baun Bango region of Katingan Regency. This place has boat and guesthouse for visitors and wildlife can be observed here are orangutan, bekantan and owa.

KORAN RIVER is where visitor can experience trekking in the forest and also observe wildlife such as orangutan, phytons and also other wildlife. Koran river has black water as it contains tannin that is produced by peat swamp. The river base is peat swamp and the tannin mixed with the water for million years. The water tastes a bit bitter. Here visitors can hire motor boat or kelotok at Kereng Bangkirai harbor to cruise the river.