Sebangau National Park, Palangkaraya: The safe haven for wild orangutan

The Sebangau National Park situated in Central Kalimantan and it is one of the last remaining peat swamp forests in Borneo. The forest is the home of thousands of orangutans, the largest population of wild orangutan in the wild, and there are 13 endangered species in the National Park. The forest is also rich of plants species.

The National Park is available for trekking activities which is available Bukit Bulan (Moon Hill). Visitors can see the swamp ecosystem and granit rocks which can be observed at Bukit Kaki (Foot Hill). Because of the dry area at granite rocks, the vegetations here are unlike the surrounding.

Sebangau National Park is also the home of fish which live in crystal clear lakes. There are several Lakes in the National Parks : Lake Bulat, Lake Pungguannas, Lake Jalan Pangen and Lake Panjang.

If you love bird watching, Central Kalimantan is also the habitat of various birds species.

Exploring Koran River in the national park can be a challenging and learning experience about tropical forest. The river is black as it contains tannin from the peatland that mixes with river water. The depth of the river ranges from 1-17 meters.