Jepara, the world capital of woodcarving and furniture center

This region is located not far from Semarang, the capital of Central Java. Locals know the region as the birthplace of RA Kartini, the pioneer of woman emancipation.
According to word of mouth, the wood carving community has been existed since Kalinyamat Kingdom era in the 16th Century. Carver made wood carving products to supply the palace. After the era of Kalinyamat Kingdom, the carving declined. And in the period of RA Kartini, in the end of 19th Century, when Kartini promoted the craft products to locals and her friends abroad.
Locals made statues, carved furniture, doors decoration and other home decorations. The carver also update their works to more modern decoration that makes their products loved by younger generation.
Now Jepara has exported furniture products to more than 100 countries. Buyers can find huge selections of crafts, furniture with various style. Not only from woods, Jepara also produces furniture from other materials, such as seagrass, rattan, and water hyacinth.
Buyers can order furniture as per their preferences for their homes, hotels or stores.
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