Wonosobo Central Java, Off Beaten Path

Wonosobo is one of my favorite place to visit and enjoy mountain area. It is known for Dieng Plateau for its nature beauty consists of craters, volcanic lake and Hindu temple complex from the 9th Century. It has some mountains as well that is popular among hikers, especially for Mt Sindoro, Mt Sumbing and Mt Prau.
I took one day with my family visiting some off the beaten path of Wonosobo. We did it in slow pace in the sunny day during the rainy season.

The place is a little bit hard to find. The road to the village is narrow and some steep, and recommended for MPV vehicle only, not for bigger vehicle. The pool can be reached by walking about 10 minutes only from where our car park.
The pool is crystal clear with school of fish swimming around. It is definitely swimmable. And if you love taking pictures, it is also instagrammable place. The farms located nearby the pool must be amazing when rice paddies grow.
I met a little girl with natural dreadlock hair which locals called as gembel hair. His father says she has not has request for anything, so a ritual to cut her hair has not been held yet.

There is no sign we can find. It is not well developed, that i really like. And from 10 am there is warung where visitors can buy drink and come snacks.

This lake is beautifully mystical for me. It is so big and uses to generate electricity. Boating around the lake with motor bamboo raft is what i like to do here. Even when there are mists around, boating is enticing. It is like sailing through the serenity.

It is actually a view point above Lake Menjer where visitors can enjoy lake view in a more comfier ambiance and as well enjoying meals. It is good for day out with family and friends.

Located some about 30 minutes drive from Dieng Plateau, this waterfall is worth a stop. Waterfall is ribbon type waterfall that slide along rock. Best time to visit is during

Contributor : Lindy S

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