Surabaya Urban Culture Festival (SUCF) 2012

Surabaya Urban Culture Festival (SUCF) 2012 was held for the first time on Monday, 27 May 2012 along Tunjungan Street. This event began at 15.00 till 23.00, and promoted Surabaya culture.

This event was held to enlived Jalan Tunjungan which has historical value for Surabayan. Surabaya Urban Culture Festival was one of series of event to celebrate the 719th  Anniversary of Surabaya that involved Surabaya municipality and police.

Surabaya Urban Culture Festival was filled with REMO Dancer Make Up Contest which involved 1000 participants and then followed by Flash MOB, Remo Dance along Tunjungan St, also other contests such as Ludruk, Patrol Music and Parikan Contest, as mentioned by Irma Widya Budianti, the head organizer of this event. Majapahit  Hotel became a screen of visual show after the sun set. There were 6 projectors which covered Majapahit Hotel with 3 dimension visualization about Surabaya Tempo Dulu or Old Surabaya.

There were various interesting and entertaining attraction last light such as BMX, Capoeira, Break Dance, Dancer and Jazz on the Street. Along Tunjungan Street, were full of enthusiasts, so crowded. Visitors enjoyed walking and tasting various specific of Surabaya food, such as Rujak Cingur, Semanggi, Es Puter, Nasi Goreng, Ice Cream and more.


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