Hitler’s Grave in Surabaya (?)

Speculation around Hitler’s death in Surabaya has been a trending topic in forums and blogs such as in kaskus, vivanews. Among informations about the death of Hitler, there is no certain info the cause of death and his body was not found anywhere else. As in wikipedia, Hitler married Eva Braun, his long mistress, and two days later committed suicide when Russia bombarded Berlin. Hitler took cyanide pill and shot himslef and Eva died beside him by ingesting cyanide. . As per Hitler’s instruction, their body were carried upstairs through the bunker’s emergency exit and set alight outside the bunker. Soviet troop seized the remains and captured the bunker, but what happened later has been a mystery and speculation.

According to Russian archives, the remains had been kept by SMERSH, Russian Intelligence Organization, an acronym for Death to Spies. Soldiers buried and dug up the remains at least 3 times in 1945-1946 as the army moved around Germany. In 1970 Russian gont ordered the remains to be dug up.

Hitler’s jaw was found in 1945 and used as evidence of Hitler’s death, said Sergei Mironenko, head of Russia’s State Archive. While Hitler’s skull fragment was found in 1946, when Soviet secret police did a further investigation, prompted by rumors that Hitler had survived. They dug up again the ditch outside bunker and found the fragment and later carried to Moscow. Russia announced about the skull fragment in 1993, but some western experts argued it was not Hitler’s body buried. So far there is no conclusive evidence, and Alexander Kalganov from FSB’s archives Dept said that he had not seen any documents providing evidence that the skull was Hitler’s.

Western experts demonstrated that the skull fragment preserved by Soviet intelligence belonged to female under 40 years old, whose identity is unknown. University of Connecticut held a research on the DNA. According to bone specialist Nich Bellatoni said that the bone was very thin and male bone tended to be more robust. He added that the skull seemed to correspond to someone under 40 while in April 1945 Hitler turned 56.The skull could not belong to Eva, as there was no report that Eva shot herself.

Some claim that Hitler escaped to Argentina, Spain, Brazil and Indonesia. In Indonesia Hitler speculation claims as the apprearance of dr Poch, a German doctor in Sumbawa Besar as reported by dr Sosrohusodo.

Dr Poch is described as a doctor who had no medical knowledge at all, and He drove on his open cap car well, though in that period road in Sumbawa Besar was not developed well, he even only used one finger to drive.

How could Hitler traveled to Indonesia? How he became Indonesian and worked as dictor in Sumbawa Besar Hospital?

dr Sosrohusodo met dr Poch in Sumbawa Besar. Hitler could escaped from Berlin and in 1954 until 1970 he hid in Indonesia, he used Poch as his name.  He initially lived in Dompu, then moved to Bima and the  to Sumbawa Besar and worked in Sumbawa Besar Hospital.  Locals called him ‘dokter Jerman’ (German Doctor).

According to source, Poch died in 15 January 1970, in Surabaya, and he left a notebook 9x 16 cm. The book had addresses of his colleagues and friends as in European history. And the handwriting is identical to that of Hitler. Dr Poch was reported to marry Sundanese woman, Sulaesih who traveled to Sumbawa Besar and  proposed by Poch.

Poch converted Islam and witnessed by Sumbawa Besar Head of Religion Dept, (Sulaesih forgot his name) and dr Poch changed his name to Abdul Kohar. In 1965, Poch married her.

One of witness who ever met Poch was Aries Zulkarnaen. He said that Poch usually gave name of medicine by words and when asked what the medicine was, Poch always said ‘ I said that already’ (You heard me). He was angry when patient speak about the sickness they had, Poch asked them angrily ‘ Are you doctor?’ Poch was known as a humorous person as well by locals. He was energetic that locals assumed he was an ex NAZI.

In Pikiran Rakyat newspaper, in 1983, there was an article about Hitler written by dr Sosrohusodo, who was graduated from Indonesia University and ever worked in Hope Hospital in Sumbawa Besar.  He reported his experience meeting an old German doctor, Poch, in Sumbawa Besar in 1960. Poch was the head of that biggest hospital in Sumbawa Besar Island, and it is assumed that he was Hitler. Sosrohusodo claimed that Poch walked like limp and dragged his left leg while walking. The left hand of Poch always shaked, he had a thick mustache as Charlie Chaplin and bald head. This resembled as the description of The Fuhrer in his old age in his biography. In 1960, when Sosrohusodo met him, he was 71 years old. According to Sosrohusodo, this German doctor was very mysterious and he had no doctor lisence, and he did not even have medical expertise. Sosro ever checked Poch left hand which was always shaking and then he asked Poch about his hand. Poch asked his wife about Sosro question. Poch’s wife  answered that ‘ It was since German lost in a battle nearby Moscow .That was when Goebbels told you that you hit table over and over again.’

Goebbels mentioned by Poch’s wife was assumed to be  Joseph Goebbe, one of ministers loyal to Hitler.

Hitler’s death  is still mystery until today.

Westerner who did research about Hitler’s death in Indonesia is Peter Levenda who elaborates details of evidence that Adolf Hitler faked his death and the scenario is unreal, forensically and medically. His theory is that Hitler and Eva Braun fled from Germany through plan that Nazi war criminals spirited out of the country by hiding them at monasteries and giving them fake documents.  Hitler fled first to Argentina where Nazi’s follower escaped, but it was too dangerous of his notoriety. Levenda theorized that then went to Indonesia where Nazi’s  sympathy was high, but Hitler was not well known in Indonesia in that period. Levenda assumed that the identities of Austians Georg Anton and Hella Poch who came to Indonesia as the war end were Hitler and Braun. According to him, Pochs’ escape to Indonesia was very suspicious as they were not wanted by the Allies and Hella abandoned her highly successful career as an anthropologist to live in Indonesia. There was a fact that Hella Poch left Indonesia for Europe the same year when Braun’s father was sick and died. When he visited Poch’s grave, Ngagel Cemetery Surabaya, the man who brought him to the grave whispered “Hitler”, while Levenda did not tell his true propose visiting the grave.


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