Teluk Hijau (Green Bay) : Beautiful Secluded Hidden Beach, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

Teluk Hijau or Green Bay is located in Rajegwesi, Sarongan, Banyuwangi. Usually this bay is visited tourists who also visit Sukamade beach as it is located halfway.  Or locals also visit Teluk Hijau during weekend. Usually locals reach this spot on foot as it is located just approximately 30 minutes walk, and sometimes by motorcycle. The road from Rajegwesi to Teluk Hijau is considered as very bumpy. And for visitors who stop by on the way to Sukamade usually ride on 4 WD.

Just stop at Teluk Damai (Peaceful Bay), that is where you can see nice blue green sea water on the southern ocean. It looks very beautiful, refreshing and peaceful as its name. Visitors can take nice shots from the side of the road. To reach Teluk Hijau, ones should trekk down from the road passing forest. Trekk to Teluk Damai will take round 30 minutes. That is where one find stones of various shapes fringe the ocean. The wave is very massive that swimming is not recommended here. Sometimes there is a fisherman boat sailing here and there for fish on this bay. Along the other side of the bay is also fringed by stones, creating fence on the beach, that when wave come and goes creating rumble sound.

To reach Teluk Hijau, visitor should trek by the shoreline through stones. It takes about 30 minutes from Teluk Damai, passing shoreline and coast forest. Watch out for strong waves that come in sudden. It is recommended to wear short pants, long pants is very risky to get wet here.  From here the sound of stone falls down after waves hit is heard more clearly. On the way sometimes you will meet big lizards and various birds, but they are afraid of human presence that they hide and fly when they sense human. After reaching the dead end turn right for few meters ahead, viola! A Mesmerizing secluded beach is in front of your eyes.

Teluk Hijau, or Green Bay as its name has unique green color. And fascinating white fine grains of sands. The sand and water color creating an interesting contrast landscape. On the west side there is a wall of green hill. There is a small island of rock located in the middle of water creating more exotic feel. Unfortunately the wave is also powerful in this bay that swimming is not recommended at all.(dw)

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