Guci Spring, Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia

Once upon a time, Guci Spring was water given by Wali Songo (Nine Saints) to representatives that propagate Islam over western part of Central Java, notable around Tegal. The water was put in a guci (pot), and this water had virtue or blessings, so local people call the location of the water as Guci. As the water was not much and only limited, on Jum’st Kliwon (Friday in Javanese Calendar), one of the saint stick his cane, and with God favor, flew hot water without sulfur content. Until ¬†today, every Friday Kliwon, people flock to the spring to bath to get blessed.

Guci spring is a big tap from mother earth, the smoke smolders and the water is accommodated to a pool for public bathing place.

Guci sebuah poci pancuran besar yg berasal dari alam. Airnya mengepul panas dari perut bumi, yang ditampung di dalam kolam, membentuk pemandian umum. Women, Men, children can bath here. There are 13 taps and 10 natural falls, all source from same spring. Guci is located 40 km from Tegal.