Pantai (Beach) Siung, Mesmerizing Rocky Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Siung beach is located in Gunung Kidul regency, on the southern part of Tepus district. From Yogyakarta city to this beach is 70 km and can be reached in 2 hours drive. Mode of transport to access the beach can be motorbike or car, and public transport to this direction is hard to find. Public transport from Wonosari only reach Tepus, and for this one should wait hours.

The read is very bumpy, very winding, and heat from the sun can be worse as the environment is carst hill. Sometimes farming lands are passed. Those hard track are waiting after Pathuk, the first district in Gunung Kidul, until Siung beach. The best route to take is Yogyakarta-Wonosari-Baron-Tepus.

After the hard trip, the beautiful nature is waiting. The peaceful of Siung beach. Blue ocean, white sand, wooden hut, and mesmerizing scenery. This beach features giant rocks on the west and east side of the beach, beautifying the beach and borders the beach to other beaches. The rock is located a bit further to the ocean, that the shape resembles monkey tusk (siung=javanese). Ocean water that struck and flows through the rough rock texture created a dramatics sights.

According to local, Siung region was the trade center of Gunung Kidul  in Wali (Nine Saints). Nearby the beach, there is a market. And Siung was also the residence of Nyai Kami and Nyai Podi, abdi dalem of Yogyakarta and Surakarta palace.

Most of Siung people are mostly salt farmers. They rely on sea water for life. The salt is the main comodity of market was Winangun market. Although the sea was rich of fish, they are afraid to fish further to the sea. Mostly they only fish on the shore. When  Winangun market moved to Yogjakarta (Joyowinangun Market), Siung was becoming quiet.

In 1989, this quiet place was visited by Japanese travelers interested in the cliff for rock climbing. And in 1990s , Asian Climbing Gathering was held here, and Siung regained its popularity. Currently there are 25o climbing routes at Siung Beach, and facilitate rock climbing sport. More routes can still be mapped if new route got permission from the route finders to continue a climbing route.

Other facilities to support rock climbing activities is camping ground. Not far from the camping ground located a hut that can be utilized as base camp for 10 to 15 people. At night sometimes long-tail monkeys. Maybe the existence of the monkeys, the rock is equalize to monkey tusk., not other animals.

According to visioned people, Siung beach will get its glorious days soon. And it seems that the advent of tourism accelerate this glorious days of Siung.