Candi Plaosan, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Plaosan is located in Bugisan Village, Prambanan, Klaten, notably 1.5 meters eastward of Candi Sewu. This temple is an old complex constitutes of two area: Candi Plaosan Lor (north) complex and Candi Plaosan Kidul (south) complex. The carvind on Plaosan Temple is very refined and concise as that in Candi Borobudur, Candi Sewu and Candi Sari.

This temple is Buddhist temple and experts estimate this was built in Rakai Pikatan period of Hindu Mataram Kingdom, in the early 19th century. De Casparis cited this according to Cri Kahulunan inscription (842), that mentions that Candi Plaosan Lor was erected by Queen Cri Kahulunan and supported by her husband. Casparis stated that Sri Kahulunan is the title of Pranodhawardani, daughter of Samaratungga from Syailendra Dynasty. The daughter was Buddhist, married to Rakai Pikatan from Sanjaya Dynasty that was Hindu. There is other opinion around this. Candi Plaosan was built before Rakai Pikatan reigned, Sri Kahulunan was considered not as cited by Casparis, but she was the mother of Rakai Garung that reigned Mataram before Rakai Pikatan. Rakai Pikatan reign is deemed to be too short to built such big temple like Plaosan and he built perwara after main temple had been built.

Later on 2003, discovered inscription nearby Candi Perwara in Candi Plaosan Complex. This inscription was date back 9th century, made of piece of gold 18.5 x 2.2 cm, written in Sanskrit in Old Javanese letters. This inscription content is still unknown, but allegedly that this inscription strengthens that Candi Plaosan was built in Rakai Pikatan period.

Candi Plaosan Lor is a broad complex. In front of the complex there are two dwarapala facing eachother, a pair on the north entrance and a pair on the south entrance. Each dwarapala is as height as human in sitting position on its folded right leg and left leg is folded in front of the body. Right hand holds club and left hand placed on the left knee.

On the north yard, lies stone terrace square block surrounded by line of numerous umpak (pillar pedestal), that was used to put offering,. It said that on that terrace there was a wooden building and on every umpak placed Dhyani Buddha statuary. Smaller umpak could be found at Plaosan Lor complex. On the nort yard of Plaosan Temple stand 6 big stupas. At the center of this complex, there are 2 units of 2-storeys building serves as the main temple. Both buildings face west and each of it surrounded by stone fence. The fences were circled by Candi Perwara, constituted of 174 units, consisted of 58 small temple with square shape and 116 stupa shape. Each direction of main temple fenced by 7 temples on the north, and south, 19 temples on the east and 17 on the west. Most of those perwara temple are in damaged condition. Every angle of Perwara Temple is decorated with smaller temple that are surrounded by 2 lines of umpak and small temple in the middle of it on every angle. On the west of stone fences that surround each main temple, located a paduraksa gate, with roof decorated with lines of small crown. The top of the gate is square with small crown on top.

Each main temple stands on a 60 meters platform, and hallway-less. The stairways is completed waith railing decorated with dragon head on the base. Entrance frame ornamented with floral and creeping plants motive and on the upper is decorated with Kala head, without lower jaw. The outer wall is carved with relief of man and woman standing in size of real human. The relief on the south side depicts man and the north depicts woman. Each main temple chamber is separated into 6 rooms, 3 room at the first floor and 3 at the second floor. The upper floor is no longer exist, but the trace on the wall still can be seen. In the middle of the room located 3 Buddha statuary sitting on padmasana facing the entrance, but unfortunatelyBuddha statue located in the middle is already gone. On the left and right wall, completed with niche to put lighting, and the niches are decorated with Kuwera and Hariti. On left and right side of the main entrance there is a connecting door to left and right wing room. On the east there are 3 Buddha statues on padmasana facing west, and the middle statue has gone too.

Candi Plaosan Kidul complex is located on the south of Candi Plaosan Lor complex and separated by highway. But this complex is now only remnants left and only few candi perwara still stand.