Candi (Temple) Pringapus, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Pringapus is approximately established in 850, situated in Pringapus village, Ngadirejo, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. The village is located on the slope of Mt Sindoro, 5 km from Ngadirejo, 32 km northeast of Temanggung.

This temple is restored in 1930, and regarding the temple architecture, this temple can be classified as Siva temple and a replica of Mahameru, where gods dwell. This opinion is proven by Nandi Bull, Siva vehicle, and trelief of hapsara-hapsari, a figure of semi-god creature.

Candi Pringapus was made of andesit block material covering 29.68 m square. The temple is connected to Argapura date back 852, that is written on temple foundation and estimated the year teh construction completed on 850, presumably when Dynasty Syailendra reigned.

Temple entrance is decorated with kalamakara and the stairs is completed with railing. The roof is 3 terraces of square, smaller to the upper terrace, as roof of Kidal Temple in East Java.

This temple is unique as it has ornamented carving with refined and beautiful quality showing that the architect has high sense of arts. The plain area is decorated with lotus and creeping plants. Right and left side of the entrance are decorated with carving of god and goddess pair ornamented with leaves.

Inside the temple chamber there is sitting bull statue. On the west of the building, beside a small lake, located lingga and bull statue. It said that the statue was the guard of the water of the lake, as the lake never dries even in long dry season.