Candi Sawentar, Blitar, East Java

Candi Sawentar is situated in Dukuh Kanigoro, Garum, Blitar, East Java. Located on the east of Blitar city, the temple is lower than the surrounding region. This temple was buried by soil for centuries, until the discovery in 1915 to 1920. The basic shape is rectangle similar to Candi Kidal.

The temple is built on foundation with size of 7 X 7 M2 and height 1.5 m, the total height is 10.65 m. The temple’s body is smaller than the foot, and formed a narrow hall way. The temple’s entrance position is on the west, flanked by small niches.

Above the entrance or niches, no kalamakara carved. Both niches are empty. On north  and south outside wall there is a niche. Above of every niche is decorated with kala head completed with lower jaw.

A 0.5 m stairways is built in front of the entrance. The stair is is plain, only a dragon head decorates the base. The outside stair fence wall, ornamented with bird wing in unique geometric pattern.

The floor chamber and the three niches are positioned a bit higher than hallway, that before the door, a small stair is built completed with fence. Yoni is filled the chamber and its pedestal is decorated. This temple is predicted to worship temple, as garuda is the vehicle of Visnu. On the wall, carved Portuguese cross.

The temple roof has 3 terraces of rectangle like punden berundak. On the edge of the rectangle is carved with script. The middle and corner parts are ornamented in refine quality. The different quality of carvings between the foot and the roof verifies that this temple is not completely finished.

The construction date of the temple has been discovered yet, but estimated in the 13th century.