Candi Sadon, Magetan, East Java

Candi Sadon is located in Cepoko Village, Panekan, Magetan, East Java, notably on the mainroad Magetan-Panekan. Local people call it as Candi Reog, as there is Kalamakara on the temple, that looks like tiger head of Reog mask.

Not much information about this temple, though this has been appointed as an archaeological remain. IT said that this temple is the heritage of King Airlangga, but no information about its when this temple erected or its function. There is no restoration attempt toward this, so it looks like ruins of stones.

In 1966, the stones were destroyed by unknown people, then in 1969 was restructured. Among the ruins, Kalamakara statue was found, also dragon statue, animal carved on stone, umpak (foundation of pillar), yoni, and temple’s corner part.

Beside the temple area, there are 3 stones with letters carved.

Not far from Candi Sadon located a small temple called Candi Reca Sapi (Cow Statue Temple). This hindu temple was found in 1971 by a local man covered by bamboo. Candi Reca has 5 statues, namely Reca Kandang (Cow Cage), Reca Ombhen (Bowl to drink water for cow), Reca Capil (Sheperd hat), Reca Cagak (a pole to tie up cow). Local people believe that those statues were shepherd equipments of Dadhung Awuk or Mahesadanu, a shepherd character in the local legend.