Candi Surawana, Kediri, East Java

Candi Surawana is located in Canddu Villace, Pare, Kediri, East Java , 25 KM from Kediri city. The original name is Candi Wishnubhawanapura, estimated built in the 14th century to glorify Bhre Wengker, a king from Wengker Monarch under Majapahir Kingdom. KIng Wengker died in 1338. In Negarakertagama, written that in 1361, King Hayamwuruk from Majapahit visited and stay overnight in Surawa Temple.

The temple is not big in size, only 8 X 8 m2. The temple’s material is andesit stone, and identified as Siva temple. Nowadays, the entire body and roof are collapse, only the 3 m foot temple left. To step to the hallway, there is a narrow stairway located on the west side, means this temple faces west.

Just as Candi Rimbi, Surawa Temple foot has two terraces, split by a protruding shape, and  the relief panel tells various stories that line up encircle the temple’s foot. The relief has big size and made in well carved. The left side relief depicts about Tantri tales, and on the right side tells about Sri Tanjung, Bubuksah and Gagak Aking. Those stories are familiar on temples built for purification purpose, such as Bajang Ratu Temple in Trowulan and Tegawangi Temple in Pare.

The restoration has been done to this temple, but not completely finished due to many missing or damaged stones, and only the foot part that remained intact. There are ruins on the area that have not been restored and arranged on a concrete to avoid damaged caused by water.