Bayu Lor Plantation, Banyuwangi, East Java

Bayu Lor Plantation is located in Songgon, Banyuwangi, East Java, just 35 KM from the heart of Banyuwangi City and 22 KM from Rogojampi. This plantation has a mild weather, green scenery and visitors can see daily activities of local people. Located on 500 m to 800 m asl, this plantation’s most important commodities are coffee, cloves and abaca that covers approximately 748 hectares.

This private plantation has been equipped with comfy lodge with nice landscaping where lotus, dahlia, bougenville and hearing peaceful water gurgling. There are fruit trees growing here such as dorian, rambutan, orange, salah and mangosteen. The lodge was built because of pretty much request from guests. Hidden beyond Mt Raung, this plantation offers relaxing peacefulness resting stay.

In dorian season, visitors can enjoy tasting dorian on its tree as the trees are not that tall but the fruits have big size.

One of the most interesting to see is abaca and coffee processing factory located here. This factory is generated by turbine that was installed by Dutch in 1927. An exotic waterfall in the plantation area can be other site to relax while staying here.