Candi (Temple) Tegowangi, Kediri, East Java

Candi Tegowangi is located in Tegowangi, Plemahan, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. According to Pararathon, this temple is funerary of Bhre Matahun in 1388. This temple was estimated to be erected in 1400 in Majapahit Era because usually funerary is held 12 years after the death of the king.

Generally, this temple was built on a rectangle draft heading west with size of 11.2 m times 11.2 meters and height of 4.35 meters. The foot of the temple was  made of red brick while the body part that now left was made of andesit stone. On the foot is decorated with 3 vertical panels decorated with giant in squat position, his hands are up in the air as they support the temple. On the heading, there are protruding shapes topped with ornamented bells,that are wrapped around by carvings surround the temple.

On the middle body of the temple, on each side, there is plain pillar that connect the temple body and foot part. Those pillars are not yet completely finished. Around the temple, reliefs decorate each wall with sudamala story consists of 14 panels: 3 on the north, 8 on the west, and 3 on the south. Sudamala tells about the purification of Durga from an ugly and evil manifestation to Uma, a kind and pretty woman. This purification is held by Sadewa, the youngest knight of Pandawa. In the temple’s chamber rests a Yoni with dragon-shape faucet.

In the temple’s garden, there is Parvati statue, garuda with human body, and remnants of temple on the southers part of the complex. This temple is Hindu temple according to Yoni found here.