Blawan Waterfall and Damarwulan Hot Spring, Bondowoso, East Java

This waterfall is located not far from Catimor Homestay, Belawan, where on foot trip for 1 km will take to this 30 meters high waterfall. The water color is unlike other waterfall, it has yellow color because of sulfur. The source of the waterfall is from Ijen Crater that contains much sulfur. THe waterfall produces vapors that color the green hills surround it.

This waterfall is the follow-through of Kalipahit River. The flow from the waterfall streams under the ground surface by entering a tunnel underground and then comes up at the surface in Asembagus, Situbondo to Java Sea.

100 meters from the waterfall, situated a hot spring. There are two pools with 50 deg water temperature that contains sulfur. These pools can heal rheumatic and skin disease.

Local people believe that the waterfall and the hot spring are the sanctuary of Damarwulan, a Prime Minister of Majapahit, during a battle with King of Blambangan, MInakjinggo. He also hid at Gua Kapur (carst cave ) located approximately 175 KM from the hot spring. In the cave there is a pool that Damarwulan used the pool water to wash his face.

Along the trek to those places, visitors can see local people planting vegetables such as cabbage. The soil here is fertlie and located 900 to 1000 m asl that is suitable for vegetable cultivation. Farmers sell the crop to Bondowoso, Jember or Situbondo.