(PICTURES) Watu Purbo Waterfall : A Hidden Beauty in Yogyakarta

A local friend asked me to go together to a new place known by locals only. I did not expect to see this relaxing and rejuvenating place nearby. But viola, it is an amazing place to go during weekend. And if you visit Borobudur Temple you can also stop by at this place.

This waterfall is called Watu Purbo Waterfall, which is a man made waterfall, it is a cascades consists of 6 blocks waterfall. The name derives from the big rocks (watu in Javanese) that were already there since very long time (purbo : in Javanese). It was originally built in 1975 for cold lava of Mt Merapi to flow over .

It takes about 10-15 minutes walk descend to reach the best spot to view the falls. It is suitable for family destination. The best time to visit is during rainy season, when the waterfalls look best , yet must avoid during very heavy rain.