Tawangmangu: Place to Unwind

Just about 1 hour drive from Solo or three hours drive from Yogyakarta, you can do getaway to this country nestles on slope of Mt Lawu which soars more than 3000 meters high. There are some decent hotels in this area as well, that it is suitable for family weekend getaway.

There are some waterfalls that we can visit and those located not very far from hotels. The most popular waterfall is Grojogan Sewu Waterfall which is the biggest waterfall here. This can be accessed through stepping hundreds of stairs. And actually there is another entrance to this waterfall that you can reach without stairs, which is suitable if you travel with kids or elders. There are other waterfalls nearby: Jumog Waterfall and Parang Ijo, both can be accessed easily from the parking area.

If you love history and old sites, visiting Sukuh Temple is a must. Sukuh is unique temple which has interesting architecture, and beautiful reliefs. The shape of the temple resembles Mayan temple and there are erotic carving. This temple was approximately to be built in the 15th Century. And the other temple located few km apart is Cetha Temple, a 13 terraces temple also built in the end of Majapahit Kingdom, in the 15th Century, and located on high elevation that you can see the view of Karanganyar from here.

If you love climbing mountain, you can go the base camp of Mt Lawu to reach the summit.