Sidomulyo Village; Village of Flowers, Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Sidomulyo is one of agrotourism spot in Batu. There are more than 1000 of flowers cultivated here that this village is also popular as 1000 flowers village. It is located only 8 km from Batu city center.

From far away the colorful vista can be seen. As the farm flower is very large that this consists of 3 hamlets, Tinjumoyo, Tonggolari and Sukorembung. You can find rose, sakura, agape, pines, hibiscus, chrysantemum, orchids and many more.

In this village you can enjoy picking flower and learn to grow flower from planting, watering until the flowers bloom and ready to sell. The locals will be gladly accompany guest to look around and explain about flower farming.

This village is located on 1100 m asl, that i has nice mild weather and nice scenery. Walking around the environment will make you relax and rejuvenate.