2013 East Java Callendar of Event

Jalani Dipuja Ceremony
This ceremony is held to express thanksgiving to the Almighty God by launching offering of food crops into the sea.
Location : Balekambang Beach, Malang Regency

13 February
Peta Colossal Drama
It is held to commemorate PETA (Motherland Defence), a rebellion against Japan’s
colonialism in Blitar in 1945 led by Sudanco Soeprijadi. The colossal drama aims to honor the heroes and cultural values for the youngsters.
Location : PETA monument – Blitar

23 March
The Election of Mr. And Miss East Java 2013 (Raka – Raki)
Improving the professionalism of talented young generation in culture and tourism as well as supporting East Java Government program. East Java Government Culture
and Tourism Service holds an annual election of tourism ambassador of East
Java, Raka – Raki, which is participated by 38 Regencies/Cities in East Java. This event
is also expected to promote local tourism and to generate tourist visit to East Java.
Location : Surabaya

16 – 19 May
Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF)
Positioning East Java in the World Tourism map as one of the National and International tourist destinations, East Java Government Culture and Tourism Service Collaborates with related tourism industry and tourism association to hold annual MTF on 16 – 19 May 2013 in Surabaya. The program Includes Business meeting, Seminar, Tourism exhibition, Familiarization trip, Cultural festival and various competition.
Location : Grand City – Surabaya

1 – 31 May
Surabaya Shopping Festival
Surabaya shopping festival is a big sale offered by malls and shopping centers
throughout Surabaya city. Indonesian people and tourists enjoy shopping during this
season, as big discounts are offered. Location : Malls, and amusement centres in

26 May
Anniversary of Lamongan Regency
Lamongan Regency parade is designed to celebrate the Anniversary of Lamongan Regency. It is participated by sub-districts and the whole Government Institutions in Lamongan Regency.
The event includes :
1. Cultural parade
2. Carnival
3. Ludruk performance
4.Dance and Mocopat festival (Javanese song)
Location : Lamongan Town Square

31 May – 1 June
Grebeg Pancasila (The Anniversary of Pancasila)
It is an art and cultural event held by the Government of Blitar City to commemorate the anniversary of Pancasila. The ceremony start from Dalem Gebang, (the place where first Indonesian President Soekarno lived) and finishes in the Mayor office. The cultural ceremony held in the town square followed by five Gunungan carnival (cone of rice combined by Javanese food) symbolizing the five principles of Pancasila. Gunungan guarded by one knight, six knights and forty five knights expressing the first time of Pancasila was declared in June 1st 1945.
Location : Blitar town square and
Tomb of Bung Karno

Culture and Float Parade.
Float parade and long march commences the events of the 719 th Surabaya City Anniversary. It starts from Jl. Pahlawan and finishes at the City Hall. The float parade performs various art and cultural attractions from many cities in Indonesia.
Location : Heroes Monument – Surabaya City Hall.

Rujak Ulek Festival
Rujak Uleg is traditional food originally from Surabaya. It is very popular among Surabaya people and tourists. This festival will be enlivened by thousands of people
making Rujak Uleg together in the same time with their own uniqueness . During
this festival, a 1,5 meter wide giant mortar will be presented.
Location : Kembang Jepun Street,Surabaya.

1-15 June
Piodalan Ceremony
It is an anniversary ceremony which performs traditional arts from Java and Bali. The event was visited by many tourists from Bali and other areas on the island of Java.
Location : Pura Mandharagiri Semeru Agung, Lumajang

16-25 June
Culture and Tourism Fair
It is an annual event packaged in the form of cultural performances, preceded with a colossal folk drama, continued with a cultural performance of various local cultures
participated by Kediri people and from other Regencies/Cities of East Java. Tourism and
Industry exhibition is also held to highlight the program.
Location : Front Yard of Kediri Government Office and Simpang Lima Gumul

19 June
East Java Culinary Festival
To introduce the East Java Special cuisine Nationally and Internationally and to expect that the menus can be served at hotel and restaurant. East Java Government Culture and Tourism Service annually holds this festival as one of the tourist atractions. It is participated by hotels and restaurants through out East Java.
Location : Surabaya

20 June
Anniversary of Madiun
The activity to commemorate the anniversary of Madiun, the event includes: Party, ceremonial anniversary, Cultural Parade and Exhibition.
Location : Madiun City

June – July
Semipro Week Event
It Is a one week event organized annually by the government of Probolinggo to accommodate the local culture to be prestigious tourist attractions such as Bull races and Goat races.
Location : Probolinggo

23 – 24 July
Yadnya Kasada Ceremony
It is an annual traditional ceremony held by Tenggerese taking place on 14th night of the 10th month in Javanese calendar. According to Tenggerese, Yadnya Kasada is a Holy Sacrification by offering food crops and animals into Bromo Crater. The offering commemorates the last child of Raden Joko Seger and Roro Anteng named Raden Kusuma who was sacrified and thrown into the crater. Every year Tenggerese must provide offering as a grateful expression to God for the blessing given. Raden Kusuma
sacrified himself as the offering into Holy Caldera of Bromo in order to keep Tenggerese’s safety and prosperity.
Series of Kasada Event in Hindu Temple (Pura Luhur Poten), Tosari Village Pasuruan includes :
1. Rakan Tawang and Mepek
2. Tayub Dance
3. Ritual Offering Ceremony to the Bromo Crater
Location : Hindu Temple (Pura Luhur Poten), Tosari Village Pasuruan

Series of Kasada Event in Village Hall of Ngadisari Probolinggo includes :
1. Traditional Dance of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger
2. Shaman inauguration
3. Ritual Offering Ceremony to the Bromo Crater

31 July
Anniversary of Kwan Sing Tee Koen
In order to commemorate the birth of KONGCO, KWAN SING TEE Koen, the god of Pagoda KWAN SING BIO in Tuban. Various rituals for the Confucian people include: Praying together, god worship parade around the city followed by Liongsai and Lion Dance, also entertainment for the public including: stage performance and puppets shadow show.
Location : Tuban

Cross Cultural Festival
This event performs various arts and cultures from cities throughout Indonesia and
sister cities of Surabaya such as Korea, Japan,Malaysia and some other countries.
Location : Surabaya.

Remo and Yosakoi Festival
Remo is a traditional dance originally from Surabaya. It is usually staged on the ceremonial events to welcome guests.
Location : Bungkul Park Surabaya.

G-Walk Festival
It is an art & cultural performance held by the committee of G-Walk culinary center located in the elite real estate, Citraland.
Location : Surabaya.

Surabaya Juang Struggle
This event is held to commemorate the Heroic day of November 10, 1945 by performing jeep parade, fragment of November 10, 1945 struggle and symphony for nation.
Location : Tunjungan Street and Heroes Monument.

Sarangan Offering Festival
It is an annual event held to conserve the history and culture of Lake Sarangan. It is also aims to commemorate the time when the lake Sarangan was formed, by arranging
the events :
• Ritual Village purification
• Ritual offerings & Float
Procession of Gono Odor Tumpeng (rice cone)
• Reog performance, Marching Band, Lion dance, and other dances
• Fragment of Sarangan
• Live Music Entertainment
Location : Lake Sarangan – Magetan

July – September
Sapi Sono (Ornamental Cow Contest)
Sapi Sono contest is held before bull race starts. Sapi Sono is a pair of elaborately ornamental cows controlled by a jockey to follow the sound of music stepping toward to the gateway. Wearing fully ornamented clothes and accessories the bulls look unique and beautiful. They are accompanied with sronen traditional music.
Location : Sampang Stadium.

25 August 
Jember Fashion Carnaval 
Jember Fashion Carnival is an international fashion carnival with the longest 3,6 km catwalk in the world. The fashion is designed, done and performed by Indonesian people using recycled materials.
Location : Jember Town Square
Time : 12.00 – 17.00 WIB

Ski Lot (Mud Skiing)
A traditional sport activity done by Lekok fishermen is held every year after the seventh day of Idul Fitri or widely known as Hari Raya Ketupat.
Location : Lekok Sub – District. Pasuruan

Bull Race
It is a Madurese traditional and photogenic art that was developed and preserved by the people of Wonorejo, Pasuruan. Performed every 17th August on the ground of Wonorejo, the race is to enliven the Indonesian Independence Day.
Location : Pasuruan

Okol Arm Wrestling Festival
Okol is traditional arm wrestling held by Setro village community located about + 20 km from Gresik city. This event aims to welcome harvest season participated by village teenagers and shepherds.
Location : Setro village, Menganti Subdistrict, Gresik.

2 September – 19 October
Sapi Sono (Ornamental Cow Contest)
See July – September
Location : Pamekasan

8, 12, 15, 22 September, 20 October (Grand Final)
Bull Race
Bull race originally comes from Madura and becomes a folk festival from time to time. It is usually held  after the harvest season to express gratefulness of good harvest. Bull race for Madurese becomes a pride which cannot be separated from their culture, particularly for the owner. It is annually held to win the trophy of President of Republic of Indonesia. The grand final will be the summit competition usually called as “Gubeng Bull Race”. The race itself consists of a couple of bulls contested for their speed controlled by a jockey known as Tukang Tongkok sitting on the beam of bracket called “Kaleles”. Before
entering the race arena, the two bulls are equipped with Kaleles and Panggonong tied up
between those two bulls and even equipped with cloths like a couple of bride and bridegroom, accompanied with seronen music, and traditional musical instrument like gamelan.
Location : Waru Sub-distrcit, Pengantenan Subdistrict, Galis Sub-district, Pamekasan Subdistrict, R. Soenarto stadium Pamekasan, Bangkalan, Sumenep, Sampang.

18 October
Tourism Award Night
Tourism award is held by the Government of East Java Province to accelerate the
tourism development in the regencies and cities. It is one of the efforts to stimulate the local government to build up tourism infranstructure, accesibility, Amenities and conserve the local wisdom.
Location : Surabaya

19 October
One Night in Madura
One night in Madura features traditional arts from 4 regencies in Madura Island. Visitors can also see handicraft and traditional food exhibition. This event aims to promote
potential products of Madura and to support local economic empowerment process as well as to develop investment particularly in tourism sector. It is held in October (one day before the Grand Final of Bull Race).
Location : Pamekasan City Town Square.

30 October – 4 November
Grebeg Suro Celebration and National Reyog Festival
•To welcome or to commemorate 1 Muharram 1434 H (Moslem New Year)
• National Reyog Festival XX
Location : Ponorogo

BEC (Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival)
A special attraction of carnival with the theme of ethnic by using Traditional Contemporary Banyuwangi costumes. It is one of the alternatives to empower art and culture that have grown and developed in the community and performed in a very
spectacular parade.
Location : Banyuwangi

Fashion on the River
It is one of the activities to increase the number of visitors to Pasuruan. Kejayan Fashion on the River is unique and different. The fashion features a variety of creative world designs and paraded it by using bamboo raft on the river. Location : Pasuruan

The Anniversary of East Java Province
To celebrate the anniversary of East Java Province, the Government stages art and cultural performances in Grahadi Mansion. This event aims to commemorate the historical event in the past,keep alive the culture and develop tourism, and exhibit the main products.
Location : Grahadi Mansion and Grand City Convex, Surabaya

October – November
Waranggana Graduation
Waraggana (singers) Graduation has a purpose to lift up the prestige of Tayub dancers. It has been held since 1987, on Friday Pahing, Bulan Besar (Javanese calendar) located in Tanjung Anom sub district, Nganjuk Regency. This event is to inaugurate the Waranggana who have graduated from Ulah Bekso and Ulah Suara, having capability of dancing and singing at least 10 types. The ceremony uses Javanese traditional language and Javanese traditional costumes. They use various kinds of the ceremony ornaments such as big jar, flower, stoles, incense, Javanese percussion etc. Having graduated and having license, the Warangganas are eligible to participate in Langen Tayub shows.
Location : Langen Tayub Anjuk Ladang Hermitage, Sambirejo village Tanjunganom Sub district, Ngajuk Regency

15 November – 26 December
Anniversary of Mojokerto Regency
The annual activity to commemorate Month of Suro (Javanese calendar) and the anniversary of Mojopahit kingdom by arranging the events:
• Jaranan dance and Bull festivals
• Traditional dance
• Purify the water spring
• Carnival of Majapahit soldier
• Culinary exhibition
• Products Exhibition
• Mocopat (Javaness Song) festival
• Mass circumcision
• Grand reception followed by Puppet show performance
Location : Mojokerto Regency

Kelud Festival
An activity in order to promote tourism, arts and cultural appreciation of Kediri Regency by organizing the events such as:
• Ritual offerings ceremony
• Art performance
• Superior Products Exhibition for small and medium businesses
• Various competitions
Location : Kediri

Sedudo Bathing Ceremony
Siraman Sedudo, bathing at Sedudo waterfall, has been annually held since the Majapahit era and also known as Prana Prathista ceremony. The village figures decide the exact date of the ceremony every Suro month, the Javanese calendar. The ceremony is enlivened with cultural performances by 6 sacred virgin dancers with long hair. It is participated bythe regent, people’s representatives and people figures bringing incense and flowers to be showed on Sedudo waterfall’s lake. It is believed that those taking a bath in Sedudo especially in Suro month can get a blessing, safety, power and keep young.
Location : Sedudo Waterfall Nganjuk Regency

1 December
Mojokerto Art Festival
Mojokerto Art Festival is held by the Mojokerto artists which combine between traditional and modern art featuring, dance, live music, and art decorations, to improve the artist creativity.
Location : Mojokerto

15 December
Anniversary of Lumajang
This procession is an event to celebrate Lumajang anniversary. This event is based on background history of the royal coronation of Naraya Kirana as the king of Lumajang by Wisnuwardhana (King Singosari IV) in the year 1255 AD. This activity is also enlivened with the carnival culture and performances by local artists.
Location : Lumajang