Kepodang Bird or The Black-naped Oriole, Indonesia

Kepodang Bird/ The Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis)is a chirping bird with a beautiful feather. The Bird is well known in Javanese culture, especially in Central Java, but just because a bird Kepodang identity fauna of Central Java province, t also often his bird is also used in the tradition of ‘mitoni’ (tradition seven months of pregnancy). It is said that pregnant women who eat the bird meat will get the child handsome or beautiful.

Sundanese people call it as Bincarung. While some areas in Sumatra called Gantialuh and communities in Sulawesi call it as Gulalahe.In English the bird is often called as the Black Naped Oriole. In Malaysia, a bird called as Kunyit Besar. Whereas in scientific language (Latin), is called Oriolus chinensis.

This bird size is medium, and the length can reach 25 cm. It has very nice feather, with color of yellow while its head, wings and tail are partly having black feather. The main characteristic of the Black Naped Oriole is there us a black line through eyes and nape.

Iris of the bird is red while its beak is pink and both legs are black. Kepodang can has very loud and clear voice and it can imitate other bird’s sound.
Main diet of kepodang is fruits like banana, papaya, small insects and cereals and sometimes caterpillars on banana leaves. This birds live with couple and female usually make the nest on tree branch thoroughly. The thoroughness of the black nape oriole in making beautiful nest and its feather which always looks clean and tidy and charming makes this bird called as dandy.

The original habitate of this bird is high land yet this bird can also be found in open forest, mangrove or coastal mangrove on the height of 1600 m. Kepodang can be found in India, Bangladesh, Russsia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Myanmar, Kamboja, Thailand, Filipina, Malaysia, and Indonesia.In Indonesia kepodang can be found in Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi.