Gelatik Jawa, Javan Sparrow, Java, Indonesia

Gelatik Jawa atau Padda oryzivora or Javan Sparrow is small chirping bird, its length is only 15 cm and from Estrildidae famili. Javan Sparrow has white head, red cheeks and red big sized beak. Mature sparrow has grey fur and reddish brown belly, pink legs and red color round the eyes. Male and felame birds look the same. The young birds fur is brown.
Javan Sparrow is Indonesian endemic bird and can be found in savanna, sawah and farms in Java and Bali. Now the species is recognized in the world and beautiful bird. Javan Sparrow live in group and fast moving, its main diet are rice, fruits, and insects.
Female birds can have 4 to 6 white eggs which brooded by their parents.

Burung betina menetaskan antara empat sampai enam telur berwarna putih, yang
dierami oleh kedua tetuanya. This bird attaracts birds lover that its species lessens. It is endangered species according to IUCN Red Lict and CITES.

Javan Sparrow was found in 1999 in its original habitate. It can also be found in temples in Yogyakarta. In 2005, the bird was seen in East Java (Pangkah, Gresik, Solokuro, lamongan) and in 2006 found in Candi Prambanan by Yayasan Kutilang Indonesia and Bionic UNJ.