Slipcovers for Borobudur Stupas

Borobudur is the biggest buddhist temple in the world, built in 8th to 9th century AD in the period of Syailendra Dynasty and one of UNESCO heritage sites.
73 Borobudur stupas now has slipcovers to save them from Mt Merapi volcanic ash. The slipcovers are made of parachute silk, sewn and the sizes are customized to the stupas’ shape and size. The slipcovers have costed USD 21,000, according to Agency of Borobudur Conservation. The agency also received funds for wall, yard and other restorations.
In 2010, when Mt Merapi erupted, Borobudur was covered in up to 3.5 cm of ash that the temple was closed for several months to clean up the area and stupas. It was very difficult to clean off especially when the ash gets inside the stupas.