Lakes in Dieng Plateau Area

1. Lake Warna and Lake Pengilon
Both lakes located in same area side by side. Warna Lake was a crater, but rain water accumulated and creating a lake, and because of mineral and especially sulfur contents are high, it yields colorful water especially when sun shines. Lake Pengilon is fresh water. Both lakes were one lake, as it was dammed by Tulis River by lava then the kales was divided into two lakes.

2. Lake Bale Kambang
This lake is located nearby temple complex. The name of the lake derives from local belief, that whoever can see floating bale (bed) will get luck. Locals believe that the bed was owned by Queen Sima, who was lost in war against King Kanaha, that she drowned her belongings to the lake.

3. Telaga Sewiwi
It is located 4 km from Dieng Plateau, coverring 5 hectares, before the bank of the lake was overgrown by grass, the lake shape resembles wing (Sewiwi=Javanese) shape. According to local myth, the lake was shaped due to Jatayu Bird wing fell to the lake location, on battle with Rahwana to save Sinta , just like in Ramayana Epic.

4. Lake Cebong
This lake is located on Sembungan Village, located 2300 m asl, the shape looks like cebong or frog cub. The lake is surrounded by Mt Pakuwojo, Mt Sidudo and Mt Prambanan.