Jalatunda Well, Dieng Plateau, Central Java, Indonesia

Jalatunda well is a 96 meter well with depth is round 100 meter, it was a crater which was exploded. As the bottom of the cliff is impermeable then it collect water from rain.
There is a legend about this well. Local people believe that a princess live in the well. Every year this princess took a new servant, which means new people to die, and taken their souls. To avoid that local people make offering in their houses in certain time.
People who wants to be popular, to look beautiful, to achieve any goal can meditate here and pray. The best time for that is in the middle of the night on the first day of Sura, in Javaese calendar. According to local source, usually the people meditating here will meet a princess, and they make deal with the princess that they will get their goal but they should surrender their soul.
Local people believe that whoever can throw stone and the stone can reach to the other side of the well wall, whatever he/she wishes will come true.
In wayang story, the well is known as the shortcut to the 7th layers of the earth to the kingdom of Sapta Tratala, when Hyang Antaboga lives with his daughter Antawati or Nagagini with half human half god grandson, Raden Antareja, the first son of Bima, the second Pandawa Knight.