Candi (Temple) Dermo, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia

Candi Dermo is situated in Dermo village, Candi Negoro, Wonoayu, Sidoarjo. Architecturally, the temple is paduraksa gate, a roofed gate and made of red brick. This temple is 13.5 meters high and 6 meter wide.
The temple faces west and east. The railing is broken and on the north and south there is a wing feature, that has been damaged. The decoration that can still visible is only diamon shape ornament on temple foot. Tendril relief was depicted between the body and the temple roof. Around the temple foot, there are 4 blocks of kala sculpture, but currently only 3 kala left. The stone are in good term with relief of half-body with face part that has been damaged, exposed breats and bend arm under breasts and carrying padma bud. The ears are decorated with ear rings and garuda relief fragment. There is a stone block located on the right of entrance, 85 cm x 30 cm x 43 cm thick. The stone block is decorated with pinggir awan motive, with 3 formation. Another stone is a garuda fragment, located on the east of of the eantrance, 62 cm x 49 cm x 23 cm thick.This block is already damaged, but the wing can still be seen, that delineated garuda figure. The third stone block is on the west of the entrance, 44 cm x 34 cm and 16 cm thick. This stone is a fragment of garuda statue, and partly are broken. But from the head and left and right wing, seems the garuda has open mouth with tirta amerta sari (the holy water) above it. This temple is located in the middle of housings.