Kayangan Api, The Biggest Fire Source in Asia, Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia

Kayangan Api or Fire of Heaven is located at Bojonegoro regenct, known as the biggest fire source in Asia, according what England Geology Team said.  According to local legend, the fire was used by Kriyokusumo or Empu Supagati to make a kris for Majapahit Empire.  Until today, the kris became the heritage of Bojonegoro regency.

Not far from the Kayangan api location there us Air Blekuthuk, bubbling water, that is believed it can cure skin disease, rheumatics, and tooth ache. The water is virtuous if it is used on site, not to be taken home.  The water is not hot though it is bubbling, with gas expelled same as it is at Kayangan Api. And people said that this spring is where Empu Supagati cold the hot iron when he was making kris.

The location is in the middle of teak forest, far from residential, and there is no public transportation accessed the location. The fire is used for Indonesia sport event.

A gate with Majapahit style welcome visitors. There is a low wall with 5 m diameter where the fire emerges. In day light fire can not be seen clearly. The best time to visit this fire is in the afternoon and at night.

There is a sacred place, known as the meditation site of Empu Supagati, a banyan tree with red brick under it. The red bricks resemble that of Trowulan temples of Majapahit period, from the size and 2 fingers scratch shaping rainbow sign or boto kluwung. This site was where Empu Supagati meditated to create kris Dapur Jangkung Luk Telu Pak Gonjo, the heritage of Bojonegoro.