Goa (Cave) Kiskendo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Kiskendo Cave is a natural cave on Menoreh ridge, on 1200 meters elevation with mild temperature. It is situated 35 KM on the northwest of Yogyakarta, north of Kulon progo. Nor far from Kiskendo Cave, located Sumitro Cave that has 2 mouth, one vertical and one horizontal, and has clear underground river. Kiskendo Cave, administratively, is located in Jatimulyao village, 38 km from Yogyakarta and 21 km from Wates.This cave has stalactites and stalagmites just as other carst caves. Local legend tells that this cave was the palace of two giants, Maesosuro and Lembusuro that were defeated by Subali as depicted on reliefs in front of the cave.