Goa Langse, Meditation Cave On Cliff Facing The Southern Sea of Java, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Langse Cave is located on the foot of Parangtritis cliff, has been famous for pilgrimage. Other pilgrimage sites in in the vicinity of Langse Cave are Tapan cave, Beji Spring and Goa Siluman.

Langse Cave is the meeting point of rulers of two worlds. This cave is situated at Girirejo village, Panggang, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This cave is used as meditation site for pilgrims. The mission of pilgrims are usually to get business fortune, happiness, and prosperity. On certain days such as Jum’at Kliwon in Javanese calendar, this cave is flocked by people.

To get this cave, one should walk 3 km eastward of Parangtritis, otherwise motorbike taxi is possible. Motorbike will only drop 750 from the cliff, so it takes 750 m walk after motorbike ride. After filling the guest book, a caretaker will drop visitors to the cave. Though the trip to the cave might be tiring, but from here ones can enjoy the pristine southern sea of Java. But this site is not the end of Langse Cave trip, the cliff edge was the beginning of physical and spiritous challenge trip. Caretaker will lead pilgrims to descend the vertical cliff with 300 meters high from sea level to reach the cave. In few parts there are iron stairs, but the rest are cliff steps, and one can hold on tree root, bamboo branch attached on the cliff. After reaching 30 meters asl, then the mouth cave is reached.

Arriving at the cave, pilgrims can bathe at one of the room. The water for bathing is flowing from water from the cave spring, it is cold and it is fresh water with high carst content that can cure exhaust. After bathing, then pilgrims can meditate. The silence atmosphere favor pilgrims to reach peace of mind, and focus. Only the sound of breaking waves can be heard here. Outside the cave, there is a viewing shelter, to enjoy the blue sea, waves and rocks.

This cave is 30 meters long and 10 meters wide, the height is 20 meters with hanging stalactites.