Gadri Restaurant: Where You Can Taste Favorite Menus of Javanese Sultan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This restaurant is unlike other restaurant. As it serves menus of Sultan favourite menus. IT is located not far from Sultan Palace, Rotowijayan, west of Sultan palace.
For sure, Javanese kings also have common taste, like other common people.
They like rice, sambal, and wedang (traditional beverage), only the old recipe and the typical atmosphere of nDalem (official Kraton Java) make the favourite foods of Yogyakarta kings more interesting to try. No wonder that the secret and typical atmosphere interest world celebrities such as Steven Seagal, David Bowie and Carrie Carrington to try the Javanese sultan taste.

This restaurant is the only restaurant that offers menus from Kraton, that every menu has its own story. For example nasi blawong, is a special menu presented on neton day, the coronation anniversary or birthday of Sultan, every 35 days. Actually, Blawong derives from Dutch, blau, and Javanese pronounce it as blawong. On those neton days, the special menu is served to the king, usually in the afternoon on a special blue plate. The plate has a name too, Kanjeng Kiai Blau. The royal dinner is preceded with Javanese salad, thin cut cucumber with beef in and mayonnaise. The beef is sweet, tasty and a bit sour but yum. The spices for blawong are lemon grass, salam, shallot and sugar.

Other interesting menu is Bistik Edan or crazy Bistik. Bistik derives from beef-steak. But here the bistik is not made of beef but chicken with special spices, chilly. It is very hot so when people east they will express “ Waow, crazy! It is hot..”, that was how the bistik got its name. This menu is the favourite of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII(1921-1939).

This restaurant has various kind of fave wedang or hot beverage of Sultans. One of them is Royal Secang. This is the imperative beverage when Sultan entertain their special guests. This beverage is served for Sultan’s special guests since Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I to Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. Javanese Beer is the favourite of Sri Sultan Hemengkubuwono VIII when his guests enjoy liquer. Javanese beer is a mix of ginger, lime, cardamom, cloves, masoyi, lemon grass, sappan wood. So though the name is beer, it contains no alcohol at all.

The favorite dessert of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX is Podeng Kabinet. Kabinet derives from the fact that in that period, he was the vice president of Indonesia. Podeng (pudding) Kabinet ingredients are bread, pineapple, raisins, milk and sugar, with red sauce and rum.

There are still long lists of the special royal menus here. In special occasions, guests can enjoy Javanese dances that were created by sultans in the past. Guests also can take a look at nDalem, also seeing the bed where the incumbent Sultan Hamengkubuwono was born. Restaurant Gandri was established since Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX was still alive.