Gunung Prau: Least-Known Hiking in Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Gunung Prau/Perahu is one of mountain in Dieng Plateau. The peak is plain and long just like upside down ship (javanese : prau), that is why this mountain is called as Gunung Prau. Administratively, this mountain is located in Kendal, and Wonosobo regency.

Gunung Prau is the highest peak at Dieng Plateau, standing as it fences Dieng Village. Dieng Plateau is 2.093 meters and Gunung Perahu is 2599 meters, climbing the peak will not require mode of transport.

There are routes to climb this mountain, via Dieng, via Bringinsari village, Sukoharjo on the northeast and via Kenjuran Village, Kendal Regency.

Via Dieng Village: This route will take 2 hours to the peak.Climbers can start to ascend via hinder or Homestay Dieng and then follow the passage to a school, and then passing farms and forest where the track is getting steeper. Approximately one hour later, ther will be a sign board of 2398 m, that marks out the border between Wonosobo and Batang Regency. Not far from there there is another border sign made of concrete block that says 2560m. Different than other mountains in Indonesia, this mountain offers clear vision by walking along the ridges. The peak is plain with hilly flower garden that resembles Teletubbies Hill, that is why local people call this as Teletubbies Hill. The vast daisies that covered the hills like that of fairy tales.  The highest peak of Gunung Prau is Patak Banteng Peak, that sites approximately 2 km away from the radio tower. If weather is friendly, climbers can enjoy the stunning view of peaks nearby, such as Gunung Slamet, Gunung Sindoro, Gunung Sumbing and also other peaks. To descend, the ascend route can be taken or try descend via Patak Banteng Village, located wround 2 km from Dieng Plateau area.

Via Bringinsari Village, trek to the top will take 4 hours.

Via Kenjuran Village, Kendal, will take round 2.5 to 3 hours. Kenjuran can be accessed from Boja-Kendal, Waleri or Ambarawa-Secang. Climbers should report their trip to local official. Ascending trip started from basecamp to post 1 with pine trees and bushes. During the track, Kendal and Semarang can be seen. After 1.5 hours then reaching post 1. From post 1 to post 2, there are singing birds and epiphyte that attach on big trees. 2.5 hours later arrive at post 2. From post 2 to post 3 takes 1.15 hours. From post 3 and the peak. This route will include passing edelweiss garden.