Gunung Lawu Climbing, Java, Indonesia

Located on the border of East and Central Java, Mt Lawu (3265 m), still keeps mystery and legend. Mt Lawu is believed to be the meditation site of Raden Brawijaya or known as Sunan Lawu, after resigning from Majapahit. Local people believe that he reigns Mt Lawu until today.

Mt Lawu crater is Kawah Condrodimuka, and local people believe the crater is where Raden Gatutkoco trained. There are many sacred places here such as Sendang Drajat, Argo Dalem, Pasar Dieng, Batu Tugu punden berundak, Lumbung Sayur, Telaga Kuning and many more. White, red and yellow edelweiss grow on its slope.

Gunung Lawu is one of the sacred places in Java. Everyone visiting the mountain should understand the unwritten rules to do or not do, behavioral or oral. If they ever break them, misfortune will come for them.

Climbing Route from Cemoro Sewu Village (East Java gate)

Cemoro Sewu (1800m ) is located on Plaosan, Magetan Regency. This village is inhabited by around 20 famillies dwellers that work as farmers. The route is 6.6 meters via this track. Water suppy can be prepared in this village to ascend and descend. From here passing pine trees and albazia until 3000 meters height. On this trip, ther are 4 posts on 2100 m , 2500 m , 2500 and 2800 m in 4 to 5 hours duration.  After Post IV, the trees are lower, plain and ravine on the left and right side. 10 minutes from Post IV, there is a sacred spring, Sendang Drajat,  where pilgrims meditate. Close to the spring,there is 2 meters wide cave that can be used to stay overnight. In front of the cave sometimes can be found water. Other optional place to stay overnight is Argo Dalem,, can be reached after passing hill slope for 30 minutes. Argo Dumilah peak is on the height of 3265 m and Argo Dalem is on 3148 m.

Argo Dalem is an overlay of bushes, there is a shelter for pilgrims. Mt Lawu Peak is a hilly plain where located triangulation spot. From the summit of Merbabu, Merapi, Kelud, Butak and Willis can be seen.


Cemoro Kandang Village (East Java gate)

Cemoro Kandang Village route is 12 KM, this is a plain route that offers nice landscape. Water and logistic can be prepared here. After passing pines for 1.5 hours, then arrive at the Post I, Taman Sari Bawah. 30 Minutes from here is Post II, Taman Sari atas.  To get to Post III Penggik (2760m), it takes 2.5 hours. Post IV Cokrosuryo is 1.5 hours from the previous post by passing hill slope. Cokrosuryo can be used as camping ground, or else tent can be erected in Argo Dalem with 2hours trek.

From Cemoro Kandang, the trek will take 8 to 9 hours ascending and 5 to 6 hours descending. From Cemoro Sewu is 6 to 7 hours ascending and 4 to 5 descending.


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