Menjer Lake, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Menjer Lake is located in Menjer Village, Garung, Wonosobo, Central Java. This lake covers 75 hectares , with 45 meters depth and surrounded by high hills, creates a very nice scenery. This lake is easily reached, only 5 km from Wonosobo Dieng mainroad.

Visitors will be mesmerized by this lake, as  it has green surrounding, cold weather, quiet ambiance and refreshing air. Here visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, strolling the small passage. Sometimes visitors will meet local people collecting grass for their livestock.

The lake usually covered by mist in the morning and afternoon. There is  camping ground close to the lake surrounded by pine trees.

There is a story about the mystical power of the lake. There was a dalang (shadow puppet man) with his gamelan orchestra invited to entertain a village. He went to the village at night for the Wayang Show. In the morning, after the show, he was given the show fee, in the form of gold. He was advised not to look back before reaching the village gate, but this dalang looked back before the village gate, and he found himself floating on Menjer lake, and the gold he received from the village leader turned to be turmeric. Local people believe that Menjer lake was actually an invisible village, sometimes at night a subtle of gamelan music can be heard from the lake direction. Believe it or not.