Four Faced Buddha Statue, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Surabaya has four faced Buddha statue monument and recorded as the tallest and the biggest four faced Buddha statue in Indonesia by MURI (Indonesia Record Museum).This statue is 225 meters square and 9 meters height.

The total height of this monument is 36 meters and officially finished on November 9th 2004. Built on area covers 1.5 hectares where in the middle of it there is a building with 9 meters length, 9 meters width and 36 meters height.

The stupa building where the statue stands on, is surrounded by 4 pillars painted in golden green constitutes of 3 parts : stupa, Buddha statue and throne.

At a glance, this monument looks like that of Thailand, only the one in Thailand is higher. Also this temple is layered by gold, just like that in Thailand.

This statue’s believed to bring the 4 philosophy of Buddha;¬†compassionate, generous, fair, and meditate. On each of Buddha’s 8 hands, hold holy book, holy water, weapon to defense, weapon to fight evil, holy book, prayer beads, dada and cupu.

Beside the philosophy, this place also offers idea as Buddhist prayer center. This place is completed with statue of 4 m height white elephant like in Thailand. It could be replica of Thai Four Faced Buddha Monument.