Watugudig Site, Jogja, Indonesia

Watugudik site is a site of stones that are neatly composed in rectangle formation, and other stones are scattered on corners of the location and also there are piles of them separated from the main formation. Those stones resembles shape of umpak or the pedestal of pillar, round with protruding part on top, similar like gong. The stones have diameter ranges from 53 cm to 75 cm.

Local people call the site as Watugudig, watu means stone and gudig means dry cut. The name derives from the stones surface that are not refined,rugged, resemble wet cut of human. The rough surface was unfinished or possibly caused by natural process of time-worn or the nature of the stone with cavities inside.

It is likely that this place was a pendopo with pillars and roof made of wood that has been damaged by time. According to local people this place was a big pendopo used by Ratu Boko to rest or transit after battle.

From the excavation did by the authority, found stone temple in the shape of padma, umpak, antefics, earthenware, and ceramics. Buddha statue also found and already saved by archaeology office of Yogyakarta.