Candi Pari, Candi Sumur, Candi Pamotan,Sidoarjo, East Java

Candi Pari (Paddy Temple) is located in Candipari Village, Porong, East Java. This temple existence is maybe not heard by most of people in the vicinity of Sidoarjo. This temple is one of Majapahir Empire remains, that has khmer style blend with Champa style. This temple is considered as having peculiar architecture unlike other temple built in Majapit Era. The temple is slim on the body part and trapezium roof. This temple was erected in 1293 Saka or 1917 by the ruler of Majapahit.

The only Majapahit character owned by the temple is the red brick material. The length of is 16.86 m. width 14.10 m, and height 13.40 m, can be described as short and wide shape. The usual Majapahit temple is vertical shape oriented.
On top of the temple door carved the year of the erection.
is already collapse, in the shape of amluntah decorated with small tower. The roof shape resembles Khmer temple. There is no explanation about this peculiar roof, but in the history, 2 kingdom in South East Asia had bilateral relation with Majapahit and Champa princess that converted moslem married to the King of Majapahit in the early of 15th century. Referring a researched did by in Dutch colonial era, Candi Pari is the main temple among temples in a complex, including fence, gate and veranda.

On the south of Candi Pari located Candi Sumur (Well Temple), that got its name for a dry well inside the temple. This temple is badly damaged only half of the wall left. As the location that are nearby,probably candi Sumur and Pari are located in a complex as there is no temple that stand alone.

Differs than Dutch founding, folkloresaid that the temple was built as symbol of fertility of the local village as paddy or pari producer to tribute to Majapahit King. And Candi Sumur is the source of water for paddy field irrigation. Before delivering the crop to Majapahit, the crop was collected in a region approximately 1 km south of Candi Pari, called Candi Pamotan. Pamotan derives from pemuatan means loading. Breh Pamotan is the person in charge here. Candi Pamotan is in worse condition, as only the foundation that left. In the proximity of Candi pamotan located two other temples that allegedly part of the complex.

Among 5 temples in Porong, onli Pari Temple that in most intact condition, other temples such as Candi Dermo in Wonoayu and Candi Tawang in Sedati. That encourages the archaeology authority prioritize Pari Temple restoration in 13 Sept 1994 and completed in 1999.