Jolotundo/Jalatunda : Spring Temple, Trawas, East Java

Jolotundo is located in Trawas, Mojokerto, East Java, just less than 2 hours from Surabaya. This site posses high quality of water, it said to be the third best in the world. Perhaps not so many people know about this and other mystery of the spring.

People call it Candi Jolotundo or Petirtaan (Bathe Place) Jolotundo. This temple is the remain of a kingdom before Majapahit, in the form of flowing water from every corner of the temple building made in 997, in the era of Airlangga, notably in  the heyday of Kahuripan Kingdom.

It is said that this is the bathing place for kingdom officials. In history, this was built to welcome King Udayana’s son, King Airlangga. This temple’s size is 16.85 m long, 13.52 wide and height of 5.2 m. Material used for the building is andesit stones with refined carving done by unmistakably skillful workers.  There are 52 faucets that expel crystal clear water, never dry even in dry season. Hundreds of fishes swim in the bottom of the pool, but none of visitors take them, as they believe doing so or eat the fish will bring bad luck.

On the left and right side of the upper building, there are two pools where visitors can bathe. Pools for men and women are separated, applying shampoo and soap are prohibited to maintain the water purity and keeping good ecosystem for the fishes.

Located in the deep of 1653 m of Mt Penanggungan, this site keep the quality of the water, it said that in 1985, the water was proven to be on rank 5 in the world. In 1993, it was the 3rd best water of the world as it contains high quality minerals even when keeping the water for long time. A test to keep the water for 2 years had been done and the result was that the smell, color and taste of the water did not change at all.

The water also believed to have virtue for forever young for its natural contains and as the source is on the mountain region. Local people said this can be true as there are spices  overgrown on mountain passed by the water that make the water virtuous.

Not only visited by history enthusiasts, spiritual visitors also come here to meditate from Bali, Indonesian Chinese, Kejawen or even moslem. Incenced can be so thick in the air, and numerous offering on the sacred spots put by visitors. This place is definitely more than just another bathing place from the past.