Goa (Cave) Gong, Pacitan, East Java

This cave is administratively located in the city of 1001 caves, Pacitan. Only located 30 KM from Pacitan city center, easily reached by car, or motorbike. There are two routes to this care, from Pracimantoro, Wonosari, Gunung Kidul and the other route is via Pacitan.

This cave is a horizontal cave with length of 256 meters, where there are many stalactites and stalagmites of carst  created by hundreds of years natural process. International cavers visited this cave said that this is one of the most beautiful caves they have ever seen.

Entering the first tunnel in this cave, the underground beauty radiates. Straws ornament filling the roof cave. Further inside, more ornaments can be seen decorating the dark hall way and every meter of each side of the stairs. This natural ornaments may look like pearls, thousands of pearls make this cave looks exotics.

There is an ornament of a gigantic curtain filled with thousands of radiating spots that looks like fireflies. And there are 5 underground lake inside the cave that have healing firtue.

The stalactite and stalagmites shape pillars that support the hall way, a sound of buzz is heard often that echoes to the entire hall way.  That’s why this cave is called Gong, as if it is knock, a sound like gong of Javanese gamelan is created. But local people said this cave is named so because gong sound is heard from the inside of the cave.

This cave is suitable for family recreation or students, unlike its counterparts, Luweng Ombo and Luweng Jaran that are suitable for professional cavers.