Toko Oen, Malang, East Java

Toko Oen is pupolar as an ice cream parlor, restaurant and located in Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Malang, East Java.
The exterior building shows that it was a built in Dutch Colonial era with art-deco style, in the early 1930s. The plain color of the wall, pastel color of the window completely set this eatery out of other chain restaurant painted in colorful guise. This building is one of the buildings preserved by Malang Govt.
Old, pale and maybe outdated the exterior is, it offers another nuance of eatery. Entering the building like entering another era that has passed and missing. Patisserie counter offering many kinds of cakes, breads and cookies. Original chairs from Dutch colonial era are utilized and still in good condition. The lounge is absolutely appealing. The atmosphere in the 1930’s can not be far from that now.

Toko Oen found by Oen Tjoen Hok, firstly opened in Jogja in 1920s, and few other branches in Java, but now only Toko Oen Semarang and Malang that survive. The restaurants are named after Oen Tjoen Hok, the founder. Waiters are dressed in white long-sleeves and trousers, vest and pecion their head adding a yesteryear nuance to visitors eating experience.

Reproduction of old photographs of Malang are hung on the wall where visitors can take a look at how Malang was, how Toko Oen in the 1930s, showing the change over the city.

Toko Oen is also where European visiting Indonesia love to enjoy eating. Toko Oen has wide spectrum of menus from Indonesian to European, few of the menus are still written in Dutch. Toko Oen is kind of stand out with its own style, striving and a classy choice.

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