Monuments in Surabaya

Surabaya is popular as city of heroes, and no wonder it has many monuments as the evidence of the Surabaya people to regain Indonesia Independence . To remind the youngsters that battle of life and death had happened in this city, that’s what monument were built.

Tugu pahlawan (Heroes Monument)

This monument was built to commemorate 10th November 1945 tragedy. Built on the previously base of Kempetai (Japan Military Police)that was destroyed in 10th November 1945. The idea of erecting this monument came from Soekarno, Indonesia’s first president. The monument is decorated with trisula, stamba and padma on bottom which has philosophic value and also as the symbol of Surabaya people struggle.

Monumen Bambu Runcing (Sharpened Bamboo Monument)

This monument is located on Panglima Soedirman Street with the shape of 5 sharpened bamboo standing strong, as the symbol of the patriotism of Surabaya youngsters to defend their homeland.  Although they have simple and traditional weapon, they are not afraid to face enemies and one of the weapon they used was sharpened bamboo.

Monument Perjuangan (Struggle Monument)

This monument depicts a patriot heading west as the symbol of memories and honor for the struggle of the independence fighters.  SIOLA Building was the dumb witness of how brave the fighters to hold back the Allies on the roof of the building  that came across from the North.

Wira Surya Monument

On 28 to 30 October 1945, there was a fierce battle in where now Surabaya Zoo located.  The fighters restrain the Allies under the command of Brigadier General Mallaby. There were considerable fighters died in this incident. This monument built to commemorate them.

General Soedirman Monument

Located at Yos Soedarso St, heading South, this monument was built to honor this great man. General Soedirman is known as revolutionist, patriotic and very dedicated person. This monument is expected to transmit his character to young generation of Surabaya.

Governor Suryo Monument

Located at Apsari Park, in front of Grahadi Mansion.  This monument was built to honor the struggle of this first governor of East Java. During the battle in November 1945 for 3 weeks, and after the battle made Surabaya become very quiet like a dead city, and Governor Suryo was including the last group to go out of Surabaya and moved to Mojokerto to rebuild emergency government. He died in Ngawi on 10th Sept 1948 in an incident of Comunist uprising.

Monument Bahari (Marine Monument)

Surabaya is also knows as the base of Indonesia Navy. This monument to commemorate navy that died to regain Indonesia Independence. This monument located in  front of  Surabaya Zoo.

Mayangkara Monument

This monument to delineate Mayor Djarot Soebyantoro, the commander of Battalion 503 Mayangkara that infiltrated subtly in the heart of Surabaya periodically since April 1949 and until JUly 1947. This mission was to confirm Indonesia and Dutch territory after the cease-fire.

Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

This monument depicts a navy officer with its uniform of pride and equipped with  sword. This officer looks at the ocean on top of building with total height of 60 meters.

WR Supratman Monument

WR Supratman is the composer of Indonesia Anthem , Indonesia Raya. He was born on March 9th 1903, and he is known as a true Indonesia Patriot during Indonesia struggle for independence. For his service, he was awarded Bintang Maha Putra Anumerta III. In his grave area, the statue of WR Supratman is playing violin.

DR Soetomo Monument

Located behing GNI (Gedung Nasional Indonesia), this monument is standing tall. DR Soetomo found Budi Oetomo organization, the pioneer of Independence Partisants, on May 20th 1908, and on JUly 4th 1924 found Indonesische Studie Club. He had his clinic at Jalan Simpang Dukuh 12 Surabaya, and died in May 30th 1938. He was  burried in front of GN.I Building