Baluran: The Africa of East Java, Indonesia

Baluran Savanna
Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is lied at the tip on East Java, administratively located in  Banyuputih Village in Situbondo Regency. It is accessible from Bali, and 6 hours drive from Surabaya. Baluran is appointed as National Park in on May 23rd 1997 with its area width 25.000 Ha.

Baluran has vary various type of forests and known as the miniature of Indonesian types of forest as we can find forest of coastal, mangroves, swamp, savanna, rain forest to reefs. Coral reefs can be found fron 0,5 m to 40 m depth with wide spectrum of vegetation such as Acropora BranchingAcropora EncrustingAcropora Tubulate and mushroom coral.

Baluran has collections of mammals such as Javanese Bull (Bos javanicus), Wild Bull (Bubalus bubalis), pig (Sus scrofa), Dhole (Cuon alpinus) and panther  (Panthera pardus). The amount of mammals in this national gradually decrease due to the less rain, increasing predators, human activities, and the invasion of Acacia nilotica.

Baluran Mangrove

This national park has few interesting places to visit, such as 12 m2 cave that was used by Japanese for defense in the World War 2, Bekol Savanna known as the widest Savanna in Indonesia together with Mt Baluran makes visitors feel like in Africa. And visitors can enjoy Bama beach for sunrise and see its fauna such as grey monkeys (Macaca fascicularis), Black Monkeys (Trachypitecus auratus), lizards (Varanus salvator) and various kinds of birds. Bama has mangrove forest that cover its coast beside this Bama sea is rich of fishes and coral reefs.

There are huge options of activities tourists can engage here such as trekking that is good to do in dry season from April to October, Mountain Climbing of MT Baluran, Wildlife Watching that can be done all year round, Birding from Sept to December for peacock watching, Snorkling and diving all year round in Bama, Bilik and Sejile Beach, Kanoeing in Bama Beach, Photography, and cycling.

Surabaya Mangrove and Coastal Exclusive Photos

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