Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia

alas_purwoAlas Purwo National Park is located on the eastern tip Java, administratively located in Banyuwangi Regency. This National Park consists of land, ocean and swamp range from 0 to 322 m asl with the highest peak in this area is Mt Lingga Manis. Alas Purwo has carst structure that according to a survey, found 44 caves in this area.

Alas Purwo derives from Javanese Alas mean forest or jungle and purwo means beginning, so Alas Purwo means the ancient forest or forest that appear earliest among others. Local people believe that Alas Purwo is the first land that emerged out of the ocean and that this supernatural power or entities reside there. No wonder if people from Java and beyond visit there to meditate in Istana or Padepokan Cave.

Savanna, monsoon forest, coral reef, and mangroves span in this national park. More than 300 vegetation grow inside and it has complete vegetation formations. Alas Purwo is known as the home of Banteng  (Bos Javanicus) , panther, aves species and many more.

alas_purwoPlengkung or also famous as G-Land has become surfers destination and known as one of the best surfing beaches. This beach located inside the National Park and it has various barrels for beginners to pro surfers. There is a through located 1,2 km from the coast line of western part of the beach and a rock wall 600 m from the coastline fringes the southern part of the national park. The presence of through causes undertow and hit the rock wall that forms multilayered 6 to 7 feet high barrels and 1,2 km length which is very favorable to ride. Best time to surf is on June to July but surfing activities are available from March to October. Surfers name different kinds of waves by Kong, Money Trees, Launching Pad, Speedy, Chicken break, Twenty-twenty dan Tiger track. Height and length of barrels depend on the presence of west monsoon to the ocean.  Now four companies provided lodging accommodation for surfers.

alas_purwoSadengan Savanna is where Banteng (Bos javanicus), Kijang (Muntiacus muntjak), Rusa (Cer vus timorensis), Babi Hutan (Sus scrofa) grassing, visitors can climb to the tower to get better view. This 80 Ha Savanna is the best view point and the perfect time to observe those animals are from 6 to 9 am and 3 to 6 pm, though all day long observation is possible.

Pancur Beach is the gate to Plengkung Beach. A creek flow the Pancur Beach all year long, and because of the high-pitch, the water flow like a tap or pancur. Camping is available in this beach if visitors want to camp. Triangulasi beach and Ngagelan beach are where 4 out of 6 species of turtle in Indonesia and of 7 species in the worlds lay eggs. Those 4 turtle species are olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea),  hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys Coreacea), and Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), and they are endangered species.

Not only wildlife lovers and surfers that flock to Alas Purwo National Park, but also spiritual visitors. A Hindu temple is located near the main-gate, this temple is where Rajegwesi ceremony take place. Further 2 km by jungle walk from Pancur,there are caves that always draw local people to meditate.

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