Kusuma Agro Apple Plantation, Batu, East Java, Indonesia

This plantation is located in Batu City and not far from Coban Rondo Waterfall. Located at the slope of Panderman Hill and latitude of more than 1000 m makes this plantation have cool temperature and nice scenery.

Kusuma Agro is popular for its apple plantation but it has also other commodity such as strawberry, coffee, guava, orange, dragon fruit, and hydroponics vegetables that are pesticide-free. You can enjoy guided plantation tour to know how they grow the plants and as well picking apples or other fruits in season. The guide will show you how to pick the apples correctly and easily.

There are few species of apples that are planted here such as Anna, Rome Beauty, and Manalagi Apple. Rome beauty has red as dominant color with slightly green-yellow skin, round-shaped, taste sour and sweet and the fruits a bit hard to bite and chew. Anna Apple has elips shape with green to yellow color, it tastes sour and crunchy. While Manalagi Apple has green to yellow color, round shape, sweet, a bit hard to bite but crunchy.

There are packages of plantation tour available and it is also included with drinking Apple Juice after strolling under the sun through the plantation. Here you can buy souvenirs and also food or snacks made of fruits that are locally processed such as apple extract, apple jelly, apple chips, strawberry jelly and many more.