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Indonesia: Trip of a Life Time Awaits You.

In Indonesia, you can indulge in a trip of a lifetime everyday. Indonesia is not just a tropical paradise, it is not just another destination to escape. Indonesia is a lesson for a wider horizon, joy, positive energy, a place of letting go, making memories, and make things happen. The islands of Indonesia have their uniqueness. It is a destination for cultural odyssey exploring ancient monuments and temples built by beautiful minds. Volcanoes adventure through the active rumbling crater and its one-of-a-kind panorama. Indonesia has the jungle you can quest to discover the wildlife and the floras. You can feel the cold freezing break of a day on mountain and next day feeling the sultry air with view of the blue Hindian Ocean or even go dive deep to meet the sea life. And Indonesia has so much more.

Below is video by Thomas Fuhrmann ( his trip to Indonesia with us. Enjoy !!

Coban Ciblungan Waterfall, East Java, Indonesia: Where you can bath like a goddess

East Java is rich of waterfall and one of those is Coban Ciblungan. This waterfall is playful, beautiful, swimable, instagramable and it is definitely rejuvenating. It does not take long to reach to waterfall from the parking area, only about 5 minutes walk through stairs. And this waterfall is located about 30 minutes drive from Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

Once you arrive at the waterfall you will the the multiple waterfalls falling to the calm plunge pool. And it is surrounded by green vegetation, such as bamboo and bushes.

Do not forget to bring spare clothes and swimming suites. It is rejuvenating to spend hours in this waterfall. We recommend visiting this waterfall after doing trekking to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and Tetes Cave.

The water is clear spring water and it feels fresh to the skin. The locals use the water for drinking water and irrigation.

PICTURES: Salatiga-Ambarawa

Located on slope of Mt Merbabu, both cities are accessible from Semarang. It takes about 1 hour drive from Semarang. There are places of interests can be visited here.

This waterfall is a horsetail plunge waterfall located on slope of Mt Merapi, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is very unique as we can see the mountain and waterfall from this one place. It is definitely one of the most scenic place in Java. You can just take picture as the view point like the picture above or you can trek down to the waterfallwhich takes about 30 minutes walk.

It is recommended to come here on non weekend days. On weekend taking picture like this can have longer queue. Best time to visit is during dry season, June to September, however even on rainy season Mt Merapi can still be seen though sometimes cloudy.
Ketep Pass is a view point to see the view of Mt Merapi and Mt Merbabu. The compound also as theater and museum about Mt Merapi and Mt Merbabu.
Replika of Mt Merapi at Ketep Pass Museum
Ambarawa is about 30 minutes from Salatiga. One of the most popular destination is Railway Museum, There are some old locomotives displayed here. Visitors can also watch movies about Indonesia Railway ina train-like room.
The building of railway museum is from East Indies period. If you love old Dutch building, you will love observing around.
Pinus Kragilan is a pine trees popular among domestic tourist to enjoy selfies and take photograph.

PICTURES: Off Beaten Path of Mount Ijen area, Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Ijen Crater may have been the well-known destination and must-visit place in Java or Indonesia. But there are so much to see, taste and do and feel in the surrounding of Ijen Crater. The road less traveled awaits you here.

This is the view of Mount Ijen with the rice terrace located in the village. The village is so quiet, locals are friendly, and the rice fields are everywhere. Coconut trees grow lushly. Certain village locals make coconut sugar made of coconut flower extract. We cal also join them to see the making process.
We cal also meet locals processing coffee. This is the wine coffee process. The cherries put inside a plastic bag for natural fermentation and it will create wine taste on coffee.
Visiting the manual coffee roasting process. They will show you the difference between coffee bean of arabica, robusta and liberica. You can also try to roast yourself. The manual coffee roasting uses fire and earthen pan.

This is the fresh coffee after roasted. It is best to be grin and served after about 2 days.
And what about trying Ijen coffee, roasted by locals and served by locals? It is a perfect experience.
And this is the locals menus of Banyuwangi you can find in the village. If you are okay eating at small food stall where locals go. It is fresh steamed vegetable, chilly sauce, chicken, tempeh, mushroom crispy and chicken soup. These are perfect for lunchtime.
Osing tribe, the indigenous people of Banyuwangi, has special snack. It is steamed coconut stem. It is yummy to have when its hot while enjoying coffee.

PICTURES: Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Goa Raja Waterfall, Bangli, Bali

Tukad Cepung Waterfall can be reached by about 40 minutes walk from the parking area. It is located in a river stream in a semi cave canyon. No wonder on rainy season the waterfall can be dangerous and may not be visited. However the waterfall is beautiful and especially in dry season and good weather, visitors can stand under the waterfall to try this massage by the water.
Goa Raja Waterfall is more quiet as it was not so popular yet (2019). The waterfall is located in a semi cave nature that it is called as Goa raja or big cave. The waterfall is higher than Tukad Cepung Waterfall. A pool will be constructed with natural setting at the waterfall where visitors can swim. There are smaller waterfall located here where visitors can unwind under.


East Penida has also beautiful beaches to enjoy. If you are beach person, maybe stay one night at the island to explore the Eastern and Western Part of the island on different days.

This is the view point of Molenteng, also where the tree house popular among instagrammer to take picture with the treehouse.
The tree House of Molenteng overlooking Diamond Beach where visitors can take picture with the gorges view.
Diamond Beach can be reached by walking about 30 minutes through steps. During day time can be very hot. Please be prepared with sunnies,hat and sunscreen.
Diamond Beach is playful beach. The white sand will welcome you and as well the waves to play with.
Located next to Diamond Beach is Butuh Beach which is a bay beach that its water is very calm and safe to swim and soak our body. Just like the Diamond Beach, it can also be reached by walking about 20 minutes descend.


Bangkalan consists of karst areas. It has two popular destinations which is /was limestone mining at Arosbaya and Jaddih Hill. Arosbaya Limestone Hill is located about 2 hours drive from Surabaya. There are food stalls but no restaurants nearby the area. If you love trying local foods, you can try duck menus which is the specialty of this region.

The carving of the limestone from years of age creates an exotic outlook. Ferns and some root from above creating more artistic look. This will remind us of a Lara Croft of Indiana Jones universe.

The tunnel to the further limestone is decorated by gradation of the limestone. The walls look like brick shape because the mine produced bricks.
Visit here during weekend is the best as it is more quiet. The location is a little bit off, but nearby Aer Mata Ibu Royal Cemetery.
The time has painted on the white limestone canvas creating beautiful gradation.
As social media becomes popular, this place withdraw visitors for taking picture and shared on social medias. But not just for photographed, we will understand the character of Madura people, they are hard workers.

Woolly fimbri weaving tour

In the past women weaved fimbristyles into mat, they buy the dry fimbristyle locally known as mendong. And this recent years, not many people do this intricate work anymore. Only elder women who still make the this weaving.

This tour will take you to join the female weavers to market to purchase the material and then learn about making the mattress. You will learn to color until weaving the mattress.

This tour will take place in Wonosobo, Central Java Indonesia. Beside also in Yogyakarta. This tour is suitable for you after visiting Dieng Plateau.

After Dieng Sunrise and Dieng Plateau Tour and then drive to market to buy the dry fimbristyle at local traditional market. Take horse-cart from Market to the village.
Afterwards drive to Maduliya Village or other village for weaving program.
You will learn to color and then weave into mat of small size.
And then drop you to Yogyakarta/Borobudur Area/ Wonosobo Area.

-Private Vehicle
-Horse-cart ride
-Tour Guide
-Lunch at local house

Bali Odyssey

Known as the “Island of Gods”, Bali has diverse landscape within few kms from tropical forest with its wildlife, calm exotic volcanic lake and cliffs with rumbling waves below. And even just about less than an hour drive, there are so much adventures to experience.

Roaming in Bali will not only give something to see, but also a lesson of spirituality, joy, positive energy, and letting go. It is more than just an exotic tropical paradise, it is a feeling. It is might be the best place to go to celebrate, to forget and move on and also a place to make things happen.

Tirta Gangga Water Garden

This enchanting water garden nestles at the eastern part of Bali. Often overlooked by visitors, the Eastern of Bali is rich of diving spots and more quiet. There are natural swimming pools to jump in which flows from Rajasa spring. It is a place to cool down and rejuvenate after hiking to Pura Luhur Lempuyang. The core of the water garden is the eleven levels of fountain, pond with stepping stones to see the fish and where travelers love taking photograph at. Other places worth a visit nearby Tirta Gangga are Taman Ujung Sukasada, a watercastle with colonial style building and then Tenganan Village, a Bali Aga tribe village to see the hundred years of indigenous Balinese culture still preserved.


A green tranquil village located in Bulelerang regency is an ideal ashram to unwind. In the morning while enjoying the breakfast can enjoy the green cloves plantation and rice terrace afar and afterwards can continue to odyssey by exploring some rumbling waterfalls located in Munduk. Waterfalls can be reached by trekking from minutes to one hours, at least spare half day will be perfect to see some waterfalls. Humble food-stalls can be a resting place for a cold drink or snack. The idyllic village is also spices haven.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

The vast rice terrace in Jatiluwih will last for eternity. It is one of UNESCO’s world heritage for its subak irigation system. It is relaxing to stroll along the pathway through rice field. Do not miss to stop by at Uludanu Temple which is exotically built at Lake Bratan, where in the afternoon sometimes we can see locals dancing kecak. There are off-the-radar places enroute such as Angseri thermal spring.

Pictures; Sikarim Waterfall , Central Java, Indonesia

Sikarim Waterfall is located about 45 minutes from the city of Wonosobo and as you can see in the picture the waterfall is tiered type waterfall that we can not hear the roar. It is still very impressive to unwind at the waterfall, especially the rock cliff. The rick cliff can be an abseiling site.
You can visit this waterfall after visiting Dieng Plateau. Best time to visit is during the wet season when the water flows in bigger amount. However in dry season like July and August, the water is more clean.