Way Kambas National Park, Lampung, Indonesia

Way Kambas National Park is situated in Lampung, and lies alongside Way Kambas River. The 1,200 Km2 area has been conservation center and training center for Sumatran Elephant. This is one of the oldest National Park of Indonesia, which was founded in 1937 and officially opened in 1985 as training center. The park was design like elephant natural habitat, with forest and other vegetations and we can see other wildlife in the area such as pigs and monkeys. The national park consists of swamp forest,savannah, bush and coastal forest.

Not just elephant, some endanger animals are also being conserved here such as Sumatran Badak, Sumatran Tiger, Sepit Crocodile, honey bear, sambas deer, golden cat. Elephants caught by villagers are also to be taken care here and they can live here. The elephant then trained and visitors can enjoy riding them during day time, while during night time they are herded to elephant house.

Beside riding elephant, visitors can see smart attraction of elephant, bathing elephant, elephant football, bird watchin, jungle trekking, animal observation at Resort Way Kanan and camping.

If you visit this national park, you can also visit other places of interest located nearby,:

LAKE WAY JEPARA is situated just 15 km from Way Kambas. This lake has lush vegetation and visitors can enjoy boating around the lake or just wishing and unwind.

KERANG MAS BEACH is located about 1 hour drive from Way Kambas National Park. If you are into swimming and enjoying the sun, you can visit this beach after visiting the National Park.

If you want to stay overnight, the national parks has 6 rooms to be rented. And there are also other accommodation situated not far from the national park.

We have Way Kambas National Park Day Tour or stay overnight tour, let us know, our tour specialists are ready to send you best quotations.