This national park is not as popular as other national parks in Sulawesi, yet as one of regions passed by Wallace line, it is rich of wildlife and vegetations. Administratively Gandang Dewata National Park is situated in Mamasa Regency, Mamuju Regency, Central mamuju Regency and North mamuju Regency. Gandang Dewata Mountain is the core of the national park, the second highest mountain in Sulawesi, along Quarles mountain range. There are two routes to reach the national park, via Polewali and via Mamuju.

Gandang means tambourine, while dewata means gods. This sue to mysterious sound of tambourine from the mountain that can be heard by locals.

According to research conducted by LIPI in 2016, the national park is home to 417 birds species and 116 of them are endemic birds. The endemic birds here are similar to those of Central Sulawesi and South East Sulawesi. From the altitude of 700 till 2000 meters, the national park has 45 species and 70 percent is endemics. Anoa, hornbills, Sulawesi eagle and monkeys are easily found. Vegetations grow here are: rattan, orchids, uruh, and kalpataru

Mount Gandang Dewata Summit as two trails, via Paku and via Pongko Mamasa. Both has 10 camp and the most favorite route for hikers is via Mamasa, as the trail is easy, clear, shorter and safer. The trail is quiet extreme, with moss forest (after 2000 meters asl) that looks like ancient forest straight out of saga books.

From generations to generations, Gandang Dewata has become important to support natural resources especially water supply, and forest produce. Even there is no rain for months, springs in Mamasa never run out of water.